Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Photo

I decided (retroactively) on the day I wasn't doing codas, I'd share a particularly nice holiday photo -- just to keep that festive feeling going all month long.

The thing about photos -- and cover art -- is that a good one can actually inspire the desire to write, to create a story to match the photo. Plus visual images are powerful in their own right.

These are all licensed through Shutterstock. This particular offering is from Bruce Yeung. It's a particularly formal and rather intimidating Christmas dinner set up. I wonder how many of my characters would feel at home here and how many would feel at a complete loss.


  1. How come I missed this one? Such a nice idea to share a holiday photo that you like and that inspires you. A lovely thing to do, Josh. Thank you. And I bet it's fun and relaxing for you too to browse through all those pictures on Shutterstock. :)

    This particular one has a heart-warming atmosphere — a little posh also. ;) I don't know, but to me it looks a lot like something that Lisa might have organized for the Christmas get-together — and plenty of seats for everyone in her family, too...

  2. I love the combination of candlelight and sparkling glass.

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