Friday, February 22, 2019

Five Things I Love Right Now

These don't really have anything to do with writing--but then again everything has to do with writing when you're a writer. :-)

Anyway, I haven't done one of these posts in a while, so I thought it would make a nice change.

1 - One Kings Lane. I discovered them while researching furniture for Cosmo Saville's (Bedknobs and Broomsticks) apartment, and now I can't go on the internet without being peppered by ads for them. But for once I don't mind because honest-to-God I love practically everything they're shoving under my nose. I can't afford most of it (and don't have room for it, even if I could) but I really do enjoy seeing what they imagine I'll like. They're usually right. Like these amazingly cool prints by Jessica Brilli. I love her retro style especially when it comes to swimming pools

2 - Catalina Island. What better place for the biennial Catalina Meet (AKA Fanyon Retreat).  Yes, it's expensive and kitschy and the Santa Catalina Island Company is doing their best to ruin everything people like me (their real target audience if they only knew it) love about the place, but still. It helps that I'm always there with family or friends. That I'm always on vacation--even when I'm trying to work.

The thing is, the Catalina Meet is such a unique way to get to interact with readers and fellow authors alike. It's truly special. And because it is so special it's going to be tricky to keep it intimate and cozy and yet allow it  room to grow enough to stay fresh and energetic. 

3 - The Cake Bake Shop. Even if I didn't love cake (and I wish I didn't) it would be hard to resist these gorgeous confections. They're just ridiculously beautiful (and delicious). They're like fairy tale cakes. Even the boxes they come in are beautiful.

4 - Rain. I've been talking about the drought in California for so long it's kind of weird to learn that much of the drought has been alleviated by a seriously wet and snowy winter. It wouldn't take much to set us back, but for now... we're actually okay! When was the last time anyone said that? ;-)

5 - Tulips. It feels like spring. I know that technically it's not, but the light has that certain sparkle and the air smells warmer, softer. That could be a unique-to-California thing though, because I know it's still snowing in the hinterlands. Tulips used to be low on my favorite flowers list, but I've come to love the quirky colorfulness of them.  They're jaunty and yet pointed in the way of a young governess's umbrella. ;-)

Do you have a moment? What are five things you love right now?

Friday, February 1, 2019


February. Already February. Yikes!

This year's priority writing project is "Stranger in the House" for the Footsteps in the Dark anthology, but I'm also working on Mainly by Moonlight, the first book in the Bedknobs and Broomsticks trilogy.

My plan is to work on the trilogy all year long between other scheduled projects like The Monuments Men Murders, Blind Side, Haunted Heart: Spring. One of the  aspects of Patreon I'm most grateful for is it forces me to be more productive.

Anywhere, I'm listening to this playlist a LOT right now. I hope you enjoy it!

Mainly by Moonlight - Playlist