Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Coda 17

Will and Taylor from the DANGEROUS GROUND series.
The walkie-talkie crackled and Taylor said, “Romeo to Base.”

Romeo? Will, who had been blowing on his hands to warm them, spluttered a laugh, and picked up his walkie-talkie. “Base.”

“Refresh my memory. Whose idea was this again? Over.”

Will grimaced, looked up at the stars burning bright and cold in the black night sky of the Mojave Desert. Not another light for miles out here. Nothing but Joshua trees and sand and the sharp cutout ridge of distant mountains. “Not sure now.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yours.”

“Thanks for not saying I told you so.”

Taylor’s wicked laugh rustled across the six chilly miles of empty airwaves and Will’s lips twitched in instinctive response. “That is one nasty laugh, buddy boy. I could get a search warrant based on that laugh.”

“Base, standby,” Taylor said, suddenly all business.

Will waited, his eyes scanning the darkness. Nothing moved in the sky or on the ground. He caught motion out of the corner of his eye. A shooting star. He smiled faintly. Taylor was not much for the great outdoors.

At the same time Taylor, sounding relaxed again, said, “Go ahead, Base.”

“You were saying?” Will replied. It was only the two of them out here, after all.  

“I was saying, this is one hell of a way to spend Christmas Eve.”

Will was terse because he wasn’t enjoying freezing his ass off any more than Taylor was, “We need the money.”

The following silence stretched long enough to start sweat prickling on Will’s hairline. They had left the DSS in October to start their own security consulting business. It was not a great time to start a business, even when you had the experience and qualifications. Taylor had gone along with Will’s plan, but Will had the uneasy feeling his partner was still…withholding judgment.

“Copy that,” Taylor said at last. “Doesn’t change the fact that we’re currently one step up from snipers.”

Will started breathing again.  “Not if we don’t shoot anybody.”

Taylor said darkly, “That depends on how much longer we’re stuck out here.”

Will peered at the luminous dial of his watch. “I make it half an hour.”

He could feel Taylor’s sigh though the walkie-talkie remained silent. Taylor hated this op for a dozen reasons, starting with the fact that it was Christmas Eve and ending with the fact that any half awake civilian with a radio and a pair of binoculars could have handled this. They were simply providing backup for the backup.

“I’ll make it up to you, Romeo,” Will said suddenly, surprising himself.

“Roger so far.” There was a smile in Taylor’s voice. “Should we switch to a secure channel?”

Will was reminded of all those crazy phone calls Taylor had made to him while Will was posted in Paris. In fact, the memory of those calls warmed him now. Well, what the hell. Why not? It was just them and the coyotes, and any smart coyote was safely curled in his den dreaming of rabbits and the spring. “Affirmative,” he said.

“Yeah?” Taylor sounded alert and interested.

Will realized with blinding clarity that there was no going wrong with this, anything he said would, at the least, make Taylor laugh. But Taylor wouldn’t laugh. Will realized that too. Realized that however awkward he was at verbalizing…stuff…the very attempt would mean something to Taylor. Taylor, who spent more than his fair share of time putting it all on the line. Phone lines included.

“Yeah,” Will said boldly. “That’s right, Romeo. They don’t call me Roger Wilco for nothing.”








  1. Oh, yeah! The perfect final coda! :-)

  2. I love you, Lanyon! Absofreakinlutely love you! This was a perfect glimpse into Christmas with my favorite boys! Thank you! You rock! Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas and thank you for the coda presents!


  4. Thank you for the special Christmas treat! (⌒▽⌒) Merry Christmas!

  5. What a delicious Christmas present! Thank you for this, Josh, and all the others, too. These codas have been an amazing and thoughtful gift to all your fans.

    Thank you again for being so generous with us.

    Merry Christmas, Josh!

  6. :-D

    Not the last one, though my schedule was thrown off by flu and holiday madness.

    Merry Christmas from the boys and me!

  7. Myra - Cheltenham, UK.December 25, 2012 at 7:59 AM

    Merry Christmas, Josh!

    Thanks for the intro's to some "smokin'" boys. Looks like I have my wish list filled for next year!

    Seems to me you have succeeded in all three of your aims - tho' of course December isn't over yet, eh? Still some more to come? Pretty please? Grin :grin:

  8. Happy holidays to you and yours, Josh!

    Thank you for a peek into what Will and Taylor have been doing since they struck out on their own. This just made my Christmas even better :)

  9. Have a very Merry, Josh! I greatly enjoyed the codas!

  10. But... but... I wanna see Adrien and Jake. You're gonna give us Adrien and Jake, aren't you? Aren't you?!

    Love you, darling! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  11. Yes! (fist pump) Merry Christmas to you and yours, Josh, and thank you for the Will and Taylor present in our stocking!

  12. Have a very Merry Christmas, Josh! Will and Taylor in my family room for Christmas...perfect! Thanks! #HAPPYHOLIDAYS

  13. That was really sweet. :-). Thank you, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  14. Roger Wilco! Lol. I love seeing Will complying to Taylor's wicked wishes :-)
    Hope you are enjoying your Christmas holiday!

  15. "Taylor, who spent more than his fair share of time putting it all on the line. Phone lines included."

    LOL. Fun times! These boys are wild. :) Thank you again, Josh. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas. Remember not to take any pressure about the codas...

  16. Cool! Great to see them after Paris. Really looking forward to meeting Will's family in the next one.

  17. A very Merry Christmas to you!! Thank you. These are the best presents ever!

  18. wishing you a merry christmas during this season of cheer. it was nice to catch up with the boys (i'm a bit behind in their story). let's meet again in the new year. best wishes and regards.

  19. Wonderful, I wasn't expecting any more, this really is bonus unlooked for :-)
    Thank you Josh, you really have spoiled us with these codas. I've loved every one of them.
    Take care. Jan

  20. Ah, Josh. Thank you. These two are my absolute favorites. Never get tired of anything they get up to--even in the desert. One memorable call in Old Poison...
    Thanks for this Christmas coda. Like Jan, I hadn't expected more--it was a nice little bonus to find as I sat down to clear out the "in" box!
    Might there be a New Year's Eve coda--?
    Would love to see these all assembled in a tidy little volume for Christmas 2013...

  21. Thank you for taking time out of your busy holiday/writing schedule to entertain us fans with your Coda's Josh; I just love them!

    I'm hoping beyond hope that since this was NOT the last, you are treating us to a little A&J before year end. ;) That would be a truly awsome way to ring in the new year!

    Happy 2013 to you and yours!

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  23. Taylor and Will <3 Best couple ever.

  24. Waylor, Waylor, finally! now you get what I meant before? ;-)
    your personal advent calendar is even better than even a chocolate one, considering that it goes on after christmas and leaves the best for last...
    I hope you recovered from the flu and had a great Christmas...