Saturday, December 7, 2019

Advent Calendar Day 7

Last year we did a little creative exercise while giving away two copies of the print coda collection All I Want for Christmas and, seeing that it yielded such great results, we're going to do it again. TODAY.

Here's how it works. Write the first paragraph for a potential holiday coda with your favorite Josh Lanyon couple. That's it. It can be silly, sad, serious, sexy...whatever you choose! Just have fun with it. Even if you don't go on to write a whole coda, I think you'll be surprised at how entertaining it can be to lose yourself in that made up world for a little while.

And if you DO write a whole coda--and want to share it next year--well, I know just the place! ;-)

I'll randomly choose two authors from the coda beginnings to receive a copy of All I Want for Christmas. If you're new to the Advent Calendar and my holiday codas, it's actually a very cool collection of all my codas thru 2016--along with recipes for food and drink that tie-in with the codas. It's a nice little book!

And just to help get the creative juices flowing, here are a few photos that you can use as prompts. Or not!


  1. I have actually finished a story for next year that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with the 20th anniversary of Adrien English.
    I will share a small bit with y'all.

    Angus was sitting in his dark room, enthralled by a shiny, bejeweled DAGGER when the call came in from the temp agency. The thing is, Angus hadn't been looking for daggers when he noticed the catalogue left by one of his friends after last night's get together to watch the latest episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What he really wanted was a cloak. One that said he was serious, but totally cool, when he was working a circle, or casting a spell, or summoning a demon.

  2. Hi! New here, but have been Loving all the stories with your FBI boy and wanted to give it a try. :)

    Sam Kennedy liked California. He hadn’t lied about that. He liked that it was sixty degrees and the sun was shining. He liked that he was sitting on the beach with the waves crashing a few yards away. He liked the way Jason’s ass looked in his wetsuit. He just found it a little strange to be liking all that on December 24th.

  3. Wow! Didn't see this until today. Hope I'm not too late.

    Nick Reno loved Perry Foster with all his heart and soul. That being said, today he wanted to kill him.

    After a long night of trailing a gang of smugglers through the back bays of Los Angeles Harbor, he was cold, tired and hungry. Having spent several early morning hours dealing with the police who eventually showed up when things really started to turn ugly, he’d returned home to find Perry fast asleep on their couch in a cold apartment, the heat Nick had turned up the evening before now off. A stranger sat slumped in a chair dressed up like Santa Claus and smelling like a distillery. At his feet a red sack spilled over containing, if Nick was not mistaken, the apparent rewards of a night spent burgling. What had Perry gotten himself into?

    1. hahahahaha! That's great! And I want to know the answer to that question too!

  4. Swift swallowed while he waited by the door. So many things had changed in the last year. With Max by his side, and a newly found balance in his life, he had started to write again. A short book of poems, a very small, carefully printed selection had been released. Critics had been diverse, not everybody liked them, but all agreed it was great he had decided to write again. it had been an excruciating process, releasing the book, waiting for the reception, one that nearly tore him apart. Max had been the anchor through the process, and their relationship had become somehow deeper, stronger. But nothing, not the crisis brought by the creative process, the struggle to keep old ghosts at bay while writing, or the anxiety over the reception of his new work, could compare with the nerves he was experiencing at that moment. The fear, the doubts which had him paralised, about to bolt in panic.... A strong hand grabbing his own brought him out of his stupor, while a smiling Max said sweetly "shall we knock?". With a nod and a step forward, Swift raised his hand to know at his mother's door...

  5. I already have All I Want For Christmas and English is not my first language. Still, I'd like to try just for the fun and characters I love so much.

    It has been three years since the revolution. Three years of wandering through vast emptiness or crowded too muchness. Well giants seem to fit in the first category, to Strange's relief. But for the former Major it has been the best years of his life thanks to Aleister's steady presence.

    "So have you figured what these people are doing, Master Sticks and Stones?" Asked Strange.
    "More or less"replied the witch with a dazzling white smile. "It seems they have a strong tradition for the Solstice here in Jaina too. Something that implies gathering and Tangyuan, whatever this may be. Want to give it a try Val?"

    The smile and the calm confidence rose a swarm of butterflies in Strange's belly. So... Perfect. So beautiful. These words he had been choking on for the last monthes had to get out. Tonight. No matter how hard it was for him to speak about his feelings, because it was all about Aleister. His heart as a Solstice gift.

    Hoping Tangyuan did not imply raw hearts of course.

    1. Oh, that's wonderful! I hope they survive. ;-D

    2. OF course they will (and enjoy good food) :D

  6. “Kit?”
    Kit winced slightly.
    “Have you managed to do any writing? Did you think about my suggestion to write about what you know?”
    “Yes. Yes, I did.”

    After their fond farewells, Kit hung up and glanced down at the screen of his laptop. He hadn’t actually lied: he had written a little something that morning about a subject that was very familiar to him indeed. He was pretty sure that it wasn’t exactly what J.X. had had in mind, but Kit missed him desperately and J.X. really was the only thing on his mind...

    There was a young cop who chased killers,
    He then published a series of thrillers,
    They got into the top ten
    Again and again
    Of course they were all best sellers.

    Kit sighed. The last line really was a chryme.

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