Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Advent Calendar Day 13

Today's collaboration from Calathea and KC is doubly delightful (just like our contributors)!

Behold a snippet written from the viewpoint of Oscar the Ocelot in The Dickens with Love AND a page from the coloring book Love is a Many-Colored Thing inspired by the same story (Calathea says she used aquarelle pencils)

Cat and Mouse


Through a thick layer of fear and recent disappointment Oscar smelled the feral scent of the mouse. It had been taunting him since he and Mistress had arrived the day before and now sat somewhere in the wooden structure, laughing at him, no doubt, and he just couldn't get past the obnoxious human in front of him. If the silly man could just step aside to let him by, everything would go nicely. But, no! The fool got it into his head that he would be courageous and stand his ground.


Maybe if he swatted a little at the man's trousers he would move? No such luck. In a misguided effort at bravery (should be called stupidity, really; who had fangs and claws here?), the man grabbed a stool and raised it as if that could ward Oscar off. If he hadn't been focused on the hunt, Oscar would have been tempted to show him what's what.


The little rustle of fur and clicking of tiny claws on lacquered wood made him bunch his hind legs for a powerful jump onto the bar.


And that, of course, brought another man to the scene. This one smelled of valor, which was the worst case. They tended to do stupid things. What did he think he'd achieve with his jacket in his hands? Oscar growled in frustration. He was so close. He could almost taste the delicious mouse flavor. Such a sweet little morsel, tender and savoury…


With a mighty bang the side entrance door flew open.


“Oscar! Oscar! Oh, you bad, bad kitty.”

From her hiding place, the mouse watched as the big old kitty was dragged away. She snickered, grabbed the cake crumb she had come for, and hurried back home.


  1. And the mouse wins!! Good story!

  2. What a wonderful way to start my day, with a fun story and a smile. Thank you, Calathea and KC! Thank you, Josh! :)

  3. I love Calathea's coloring of this lovely drawing! Oscar looks so fluffy and intense! and the mouse very pleased with herself (maybe it's that cocktail she almost finished...)
    It's fun having Oscar's point of view, all Calathea's work, and I hope she writes more :-)

    1. Well, Calathea is beyond talented -- and she wanted to make sure you got credit too! :-)

  4. Poor poor Oscar! Denied his mouse through the foolish behaviour of humans! Sometimes it is so far from an honest cat's understanding.
    I do hope Oscar's mistress is more sensitive to the needs of a cat and allows him to hunt.
    And what a lovely portrait! You certainly are a handsome fellow, Oscar!
    ...that mouse is taunting me!

  5. I love this story! Thank you all three!

  6. See? Give them caviar and they still want mice! :-D Getting Oscar's perspective is brilliant fun. I love this gorgeous rendition of Oscar.

  7. LOL, this was delightful! Thank you Calathea, KC and Josh!

    I love The Dickens With Love SO MUCH and the part with the ocelot is absolutely priceless. How fun to see it all from Oscar's point of view! And what a smug, tantalizing mouse! :-D

    Also, it's always so heartwarming to see one of the Josh Lanyon coloring pics colored. I love knowing that Josh's readers put them in good use. :-)

  8. What a nice story! Wasn't there a mouse sitting on top of the Christmas cake with little crumps on its whiskers? The Dickens with Love is one of my favorite stories. :-)

  9. What a wonderful way to start the day. A fun story and a smile. Thank you Calathea and KC! Thank you, Josh!I love The Dickens With Love and I loved this little cat tale. :)

  10. LOL! I'm sorry for Oscar, but I'm glad the sweet mouse got the crumb and got away! Thank you, Calathea and KC.

  11. This was too cute! Never thought about reading from Oscar's POV. hee! Poor Oscar just wanted a treat, but James and Sedge just had to get in his way. I do love how smug the mouse looks on the coloring page. She did get her prize.

    Thanks, Calathea and KC, for this adorable treat! :D

  12. Good morning! Thank you all for the lovely comments! :-)
    Poor Oscar never seems to come out on top. ;-)

  13. An adorable kitty coda to a favorite scene in a favorite story. Thanks!

  14. poor Oscar missed out on lunch :\