Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Advent Calendar Day 12

Happy Hanukkah (Chanukah)!

Today a poem and a picture. But first, fun facts about Hannukkah.

Chanukah Lights Tonight

 Steven Schneider

Our annual prairie Chanukah party— 
latkes, kugel, cherry blintzes. 
Friends arrive from nearby towns 
and dance the twist to “Chanukah Lights Tonight,” 
spin like a dreidel to a klezmer hit. 

The candles flicker in the window. 
Outside, ponderosa pines are tied in red bows. 
If you squint, 
the neighbors’ Christmas lights 
look like the Omaha skyline. 

The smell of oil is in the air. 
We drift off to childhood 
where we spent our gelt 
on baseball cards and matinees, 
cream sodas and potato knishes. 

No delis in our neighborhood, 
only the wind howling over the crushed corn stalks. 
Inside, we try to sweep the darkness out, 
waiting for the Messiah to knock, 
wanting to know if he can join the party.

by Nina Mikrukova licensed thru Shutterstock


  1. Sounds festive & fun. I would love to experience this holiday gathering someday. ^_^

  2. That was nice. I love these posts. So many different things to enjoy. Thanks so much

  3. You had me at doughnuts ;-) Happy Hanukkah!
    Hanukkah's an awesome holiday, both for its uplifting story and the ridiculously tasty fried food. Yum.


    1. Right? It's hard to resist a faith that understands the importance of pastries. ;-)

  4. Absolutely devastated just got home from a day out and found all my doors are wide open and everything’s been taken .

    Next year I’m gonna hide my advent calendar from the kids

  5. Thank you for the lovely poem, and the interesting facts. Happy Hanukkah!

  6. "Inside, we try to sweep the darkness out..." Yes, please.

    A witty and lovely poem.