Sunday, December 6, 2015

Advent Calendar - Day 6 AUDIO GIVEAWAYS

Happy Holidays!

Today, we have an interview with Michael Ferraiuolo the narrator of the audio books Everything I Know and Baby, it's Cold. I hope you enjoy hearing from Michael.

AND in the spirit of holiday giving, I am handing out audio book download codes. In order to be eligible for the giveaway, you must be a follower of the blog AND....that's it. :-D

Post a positive comment about the holiday season--we could all use a little encouragement at this time of year--and I'll randomly pick twenty--yes, twenty of you--from those comments to receive an audio download code. You can use it to buy any of my audio books.

That's basically it. Happy Holidays, Happy Reading. Let the commenting begin.

INTERVIEW  with Michael Ferraiuolo



Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get started in narrating/producing audio books? How many audio books have you narrated?


MF - I began my career as a singer. Over time I branched into music production and voice acting. One happy accident after another and I found my way to audio books. To date, I have recorded 42 audio books.


How much acting is involved in narrating a story?


MF - For me, quite a bit.  Great story telling is often dependent upon the characters. If your characters are homogenized, the listener can be left confused or worse yet, bored.


Youve now narrated two Josh Lanyon titles, EVERYTHING I KNOW and BABY, ITS COLD. Which project was the more difficult or challenging?


MF - Each book brings its own unique challenges. In both titles the challenge was to capture the mood and feel of each scene and then balance that with the emotional tone of the characters.


Which character was the most fun to narrate in EVERYTHING I KNOW? Why?


MF - Any of the children! Its always fun to speed up and play with wild inflections as kids do in their speech patterns.


Which character was the most difficult to narrate in EVERYTHING I KNOW? Why?


Again, the children. You have to balance character voices like that so you dont sound too cartoon-ish or over the top.


Which character was the most fun to narrate in BABY, ITS COLD? Why?


MF - I have to say Jesse. His discomfort and sarcasm were so relatable. His voice was easy to find.


Which character was the most difficult to narrate in BABY, ITS COLD? Why?


MF - Rocky took a moment to figure out. It isnt always the case when you get a character description and can simply say this character will sound like so-and-so. Rocky was layered as an individual and needed more than just a gruff voice.


Was there a particular scene in either or both stories you think you read especially well? Or that you particularly enjoyed reading?


MF - Any scene where two characters are speaking honestly and openly to one another is always a joy to perform. I find that simple admissions of ones feelings are the most engaging dramatic moments.


How awkward is it to read erotic scenes aloud?


MF - Theres always a moment of I cant believe Im doing this when narrating an erotic scene. Depending on the title or the context or the scenario you can find yourself feeling silly or a bit uncomfortable at first. If you can treat the scene as another emotional exchange between characters you can not only get through it but also elevate it.


Whats the most satisfying or rewarding part of narrating/producing an audio book?


MF - It is always satisfying when an author tells me that they are happy hearing their characters come to life in the way they imagined.


Have you ever found yourself in the position of refusing to narrate a book or a scene?


MF - Fortunately I have not yet found myself in that position!


Where can readers/listeners find out more about you and your work?


MF - Listeners can find me on by entering my name in the search bar or at the online home of my production company Iron Works Studios





  1. I am a fan of Christmas! There are lights everywhere which is necesseary at this time of the year, when it is dark and cold. And I get to spend quiet time with my adult kids, making cookies with small nieces and nephews, and some days off just to enjoy a festively decorated home, good food, candles and company. What's not to love, really? :)

  2. Wow! Thank you, Josh. I love your audiobooks. In fact, I'm re-listening Lone Star these days. It is one of my favourite Christmas stories. You know, sometimes I do not get in the right mood for Christmas, what with all the shopping and rushing around. But then I listen to/read one of your Christmas story and I remember what Christmas is about... Home, family, being together, sharing... That's why I love your stories so much. They always bring me back to the right mood!

  3. I've recently re-read Icecapade, which makes it easy to write a positive comment about the holiday season! I loved it all over again, all the different crazy interruptions while they're trying to sort things out between them, and Noel's reluctance to admit his problem, and Robert's quickness in spotting it when the crib needs rescuing.

  4. And I should have said -- I love Josh's audiobooks! I love the care taken in choosing the narrators (I hope Michael Ferraiuolo knows he's honoured to be chosen) and in reviewing the performance, etc., all of which really shows in the high quality of the result.

  5. I am a big fan of Christmas. We get together and there is lots of laugh. It will be strange this year as some of members moved on. I love audio books. I follow through bloglovin

  6. I love Christmas for so many reasons. I just love reading with the Christmas tree all lit up next to me, and I love rereading Christmas stories and finding new ones.

  7. I love the Christmas season and getting together with family and friends, the lights and decorations. My husband and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve this year. <3 <3

    I also love your audiobooks Josh, regardless of the season. :-)

  8. I love your books and have enjoyed many of them in audio, so thanks for the generous gift.

    The excitement of the kids at Christmas is something I love. Many years ago I decided to start a tradition with my child as well as my nieces and nephews; they each get a new pair of pajamas and a book. Even now that my son is an adult, opening his gift on Christmas Eve to see what pj's and book I selected for him is something he looks forward to.

  9. Christmas time is family time as well as reading time for me. And the perfect opportunity to reread all your Christmas Codas. :-)

  10. Awesome! I've always loved Christmas, even though there are always bumps in the road when it comes to dividing time between family members and still being able to maintain your own traditions.

    I live in Sweden, and this is a very dark time of the year. We hardly see the sun at all in December. So this time of lights is special for us, because the Christmas lights are literally what lights our world.

    Last year was darker than usual for me. I'd just had surgery for endometriosis and was awaiting another surgery. Today, after a year of recovery, treatment, and finally going through ivf procedures, I'm pregnant with our first child. So, this Christmas will stand for hope. <3

    Josh, your audiobooks have been keeping me company all this fall at work, and hopefully I have many hours more to look forward to (I'm almost out of books). :-)

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  12. I love watching the neighbourhoods come to life with the Christmas Decorations. Not that I'm asking for snow but the lights are even prettier with snow around them.

    This year my family is doing something different in the gift giving department. We've adopted a family and are buying them gifts. We've are all to the point where if we want something we buy it. It's more fun shopping when you know you're helping someone else out.

  13. Lovely interview, thank you! I listened recently to Baby, It's Cold, and Michael's narration brings out the humor and emotions so well!

    Christmas - I LOVE the sparkly decorations, especially the colorful lights on trees, but also the random sculpture-like animal made of tiny white lights. And the snow when it's all clean and white and twinkles magically.

  14. I love the Christmas season! Our celebration here in the Philippines is the longest in the world! :D Loved the Christmas carols heard over the radio and in the streets being sang by the carolers. Loved the Christmas parties and the exchange gifts.

    Nineteen days before Christmas and I could tell it's already more special for me this year. I spoke to my brother two days ago, and he told me he's home for Christmas! We were separated when we were children and I've only ever spent one Christmas with him before. I hope we get to spend it together this year. <3 <3 <3

  15. I live in Texas now and I love the nip in the air at this time of year. It reminds me of my Ohio origins. Lots of family together time and good food don't go amiss either.
    Love your books and enjoy kicking back to them in either ebook or audiable forms.

  16. Poinsettias. I love poinsettias. That wonderful bright red against a dark green. Beautiful. And this time of year they are everywhere.
    I am in my own little poinsettia heaven.
    I also love Christmas stories, especially those with a little holiday magic.

  17. I must admit Christmas is a bittersweet time of year for me. Something significantly bad happened on Christmas eve 8 years ago so that anniversary messes with the happiness plus I no longer live in my birth country.

    Thankfully my mom is coming to spend Christmas with me and my son so we're looking forward to that!

    I'm an audio book virgin. I so love reading that I wonder how I'll manage to listen to a book?! I can't begin to imagine having to listen to Jake...I would have thrown my kindle at the wall :). Hoping to try one soon.

  18. I love looking at the holiday displays and lights that people put on their homes. It seems like they get bigger and brighter every year.

  19. I do love the lights during this dark season. They help to bring brightness and color to everyday life as do your books! Thanks for sharing your special gifts with us.

  20. I'm listening to His for the Holidays at the moment. Another Christmas audio to add to my collection would be great.

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  22. Last year, I was married on 12/27, after 10 years of living together. Finally, when we could get married, we did get married. So, now Christmas will always be special to me for that reason. I'm grateful for the time with my grown children, the youngest of whom will be home from college. We all like to come up with new Christmas traditions each year of things to do as a family during the week between Christmas and New Years. Last year we went to see holiday lights and decorations at nearby botanical gardens. This year is still undecided... Best to you, Josh, and all your readers.

  23. Thank you for the interview, I always like to know more about the process of writing and narrating. I love to read Holiday stories, I even made a dedicated (virtual) shelf so I can find them fast and (re)read. Your Advent calender is a real treat :).

  24. My favorite holiday! One of the best things about it are the decorations around my town. All those colors. And if it snows, the magic is complete. But what I love the most is that joyful energy in the air. Festive, loving, hopeful. Everything is somehow easier. Troubles seam lighter. People are kinder. They smile more and often. Too bad we can't keep it in us for the rest of the year.


  25. I love to give presents to others ( sorry, to say, that I am always late). To think about what the other one likes and to find it then. I love all the candles and Christmas trees, I have a faible for vintage baubles.
    I love the idea of peace on earth and hope every Christmas again, that we will gain it in our future.

  26. Dang - all these years as a loyal Fanyon and I find out this morning I'm not even following your blog? WHAT. THE. HECK?!

    There isn't much I don't love about the Christmas Season. I even enjoy the hustle and bustle (as long as people are nice) because I know I'm out there doing something will hopefully brighten somebody's day come Christmas morning. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to turn on my Yule Log DVD (that's what you do when you don't have a fireplace), turn off all the lights except the Christmas tree, get a cup of hot cocoa, a cup of eggnog, and pull out a Christmas story to read or listen to.

  27. I love having a real tree and decorating it with decorations we have collected over many years together.

  28. I've been slowly discovering audiobooks and just delved into them this year, preferably on long walks in the woods or while doing household chores. They're a great way to become more involved in a story, almost like you're watching a movie that's solely playing in your head.
    I'm waiting and dreading snow here in Austria - waiting, because it makes the landscape look beautiful instead of an ugly grey and brown, and dreading because it's not fun driving around on snow when you have to go to work.
    Since my birthday is on Christmas Eve, I'm always looking forward to this day - everyone is in a festive mood, it's a holiday and everything is decorated with gold and glitter. On the downside, try to throw a birthday party on Christmas - impossible.

  29. I like that this is possible the first time of year that many people to get to be together, especially family and friends, but also a chance to connect with people who may not have that family network to show them kindness.

  30. Thank you for the Interview. I have enjoyed both audiobooks immensely!

  31. We have a Christmas Fair on our historic Market Square for several years now. It's very beautiful in the evening with all the lights on, the big Christmas tree and the holiday music. Of course, if there is snow, the atmosphere is even better, and the air smells of mulled wine and bratwurst. It's wonderful, and I often meet there with friends to get into the spirit of the season.
    And today, it’s been special because here in Germany, we have St. Nicholas’ Day, where kids put their shoes out the night before and hope they’d be filled to overflowing with sweets the next morning.
    We had a Santa Claus at the fair who distributed little bits and pieces, and the children had a lot of fun! They still enjoy it so much, and watching them, it's easy to remember the time when we (now adults) still felt the same way.I always enjoy that time of the year.

  32. We have a Christmas tradition that our tree doesn't go up until the Army vs Navy football game. We have these old ornaments that were included in an artificial tree that my gram bought years before I was born. The ornaments are different kinds of candy; lollipops, square cupcakes, round cupcakes, candy canes, and they all have a frosted look to them.
    Recently, we've separated the ornaments amongst family members that have moved out on their own and there's very few left for our tree at home. But it makes me happy that my family has a little piece of family tradition to put on their own trees.

  33. I adore watching my animals in winter. I love the way the icy weather makes my dog Harper frolic and prance about, especially when it snows. She's a corgi, so she has to wade through drifts dolphin style. No one enjoys wrapping paper and tape more than my cat Marble, either. Their pleasure in the season never fails to make me smile. Of course listening to audiobooks while decorating and wrapping a great destresser too :-).


  34. Thank you both for a lovely interview. I haven't had the chance to listen to Michael's work so I'm happily anticipating these two titles. :)

    We have an Angel Tree at work for people to buy presents for children who might otherwise not get anything or very little. I always participate, and the first Christmas after my mother passed, I added what I would've spent on her presents to the children on the Angel Tree. It makes me happy to know a child got a little magic this time of year.

    Happy holidays, Josh! I hope you and yours have a wonderful season.

  35. Nice to meet you Michael and I look forward to hearing you narrate BABY, IT'S COLD.
    What I love about this holiday season is the chance to reconnect to friends and loved ones. A dear friend called out of the blue, wishing me a happy birthday and inviting me to her home for the weekend. We laughed, goofed-off, and ventured forth into the truly bizarre: holiday bazaars--folks were frantic, it was only 19 days 'til Christmas! Yikes.
    Who'd have thought we'd be wiped out at 9:00 pm?

    Another friend invited me to volunteer at a local Union Gospel Mission women and children's day shelter. I didn't know they have a local shelter and I've been wanting to volunteer, but didn't have transportation to Seattle.
    I think, for me, the holidays are not about shiny new toys and the latest gadget, but about people.
    --Judy S
    j dot stonewright at gmail dot com

  36. It's just been within the last few months that I've found the enjoyment of audio books. Your books have been keeping me company to and from work and making the trip so much more enjoyable. I can't wait to add these two books to my collection.

    As for Christmas, I can honestly say that I really do enjoy the giving part more than receiving (not that I don't like getting gifts too), but it's always brightening my day more to give someone a gift and see their reaction than to get something myself.

  37. I love Christmas because my work gives me 7 days of paid holiday at the end of the year. They close the building the turn off the lights, so you can't come in even if you want to.

  38. I love shopping for the ideal gifts for my loved ones, They don't have to be extravagant, but they have to be meaningful. I think I may have outdone myself this year. Time will tell. :) Also, I may be off work on Christmas Day for the first time in forever, so that's something to cheer about!

  39. I always like pulling out the homemade ornaments and the good memories associated with each of them. Enjoy reading your books and listening to them again and again on audio. Happy Holidays.

  40. I've listened to both books and they are wonderful. Christmas? It means baking for me. For about a week the house smells of vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon and other spices. I have given up making popcorn balls - I don't know when that tradition started but there's nothing like sticking your hands into a bowl of popcorn that's covered in hot sugar syrup.

  41. I enjoyed the interview. I have listened to almost all of your audiobooks, but now I'd love to win an audio book code. I look forward to reading all the holiday stories every year, it extends the holiday period for me.

  42. Our winning commenters are:

    Marie I
    Lillian F

    And round 2

    Anne Y
    AJ Matt
    Judy S
    Cynthia H

    Contact me either through FB or my email with your email and we'll send those codes right out!

    Thank you all for sharing such lovely holiday moments with the rest of us. :-)

  43. I love interviews like this. Thanks for sharing, Josh.