Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Advent Calendar - Day 23

I am a planner.

I outline novels. I make Things to Do lists. I check my stats. (And yes, compare them.) And as I reach the end of the year, I make plans for the next year. Hey, it's not The Law, but I do think it's one reason why I'm reasonably successful. I think having a plan is a good thing. A necessary thing. I think knowing where you are in relation to where everyone else in the room is standing is useful. A more useful thing is knowing where you want to be.

But you know what the single most important thing is? Do you like the people you're standing with?

Seriously. The secret to a happy life is LOVING the people you are standing with in line.

As this year winds down, ticking away like a tired clock at the end of her gears, do you have a plan for next year? Do you set goals? Do you make resolutions? Do you at least plan your vacations?


  1. I really envy you, Josh! I'm the other way round. I never make lists, never organize or make consciuous and detailed plans. I have things in my head, and I sort them out as they come... the only thing I seriously organise are my trips abroad. Whenever I can travel, I do my reading about the place and write in my travel book all the places I want to see and why... As for the rest... A bit of a disaster here. I wish I was another way, but it seems a bit late to change my habits now. ;)

  2. I do plan my vacations. I am going to set a resolution this coming year as well.

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  4. I am very planful. My profession requires details set in writing. I start off each day with a to-do list, update it several times a day, attach numbers and codes and a kind of shorthand only a few people can decipher, and by the end of the day my list is printed, stapled, collated, and filed. I am a strategist and a tactician; I wake up in cold sweats, thinking about strategy in the middle of the night or something that could have been (but probably wasn’t) neglected. At 3:00 in the morning I ignore the soft entreaties of my spouse to try and sleep. I plan and strategize in the shower, and in the car, both to and from work. I love my profession. I describe it as “a calling” because it’s not for everyone and you have to be "called" to do it, kind of like the priesthood, or you drop out.

    I make it a practice never to make resolutions at the New Year. Fourteen years ago, in January, as part of a New Year’s resolution, I pulled the plug on my marriage and my life as it existed at the time, and flushed everything but the kids and the pet. I had a plan: another degree, a new SO, a new home, and a career as a domestic relations attorney. I made it happen but I think my family would agree that I used up my lifetime of New Year’s resolutions in that one year. Now, I quietly and gratefully acquiesce to their resolutions.

  5. In my profession, long- and short-term planning, defining success, keeping track of outcomes, and re-evaluating your approach are critical. Most of my bosses have said that I am the most anal person they know when it comes to planning. That extends to some aspects of my personal life as well (health, for example). But mostly, that type of mindset isn't compatible with contentment, so I need down time in my personal life. I just came back from vacation--I had a "to do" list and got exactly 0% of the things on it done. On the other hand, I took long walks with hubby where we talked about nothing and played some basketball.

  6. I'm not a big planner. The only thing I really plan is food. I love food. Good food.
    I do have a semi-vacation/work conference coming up in Vegas....I have already started researching the restaurants in the area.
    Happy Holidays and Happy Eating.

  7. I do all that sometime in January. It's practical thing really. End of the year is very busy for me with work, family and all the party plannings :). When that calms down, then I start to plan the year ahead. And I LOVE lists LOL. I am one of those. Sometimes I check all the things, other times I don't. But it is fun thinking about all the possibilities :).


  8. Love the thinky thoughts! I'm a planner too. Also, a bit of a control freak, which makes the planning part both easier and inevitable :-) I don't usually go for resolutions, but I did have a work-related goal for this year, and I managed to achieve it, and that was awesome. Other plans, if they change, i'll just, um, modify a list ;-)

  9. Oh I am a total planner as well! My husband...not so much! He tries, bless him, but usually he just ends up crazy stressed. It's a bit challenging planning everything, a year or so ahead (or more? haha) for two (now 3) people but...! At least the boy cooks! :P