Friday, June 5, 2020


New in Audio:

BLIND SIDE (Dangerous Ground 6). FINALLY.

Adrian Bisson returns to complete the series.

It’s a good problem to have: more business than they can comfortably handle on their own.
But with resources already overstretched, the last thing former DSS agents and newbie security consultants Will Brandt and Taylor MacAllister need is another client—and the last thing Will needs is for that client to turn out to be an old boyfriend of Taylor’s.

Sure, Will has always known Taylor had a wild past, but he was kind of hoping he’d never have to sit down and have a beer with it. But golden boy Ashe Dekker believes someone is trying to kill him, and Taylor is determined to help, no matter the cost.

It’s a bit of a jolt to have Taylor for once totally disregard his feelings, but Will is equally determined that “the cost” won’t be their relationship—or Taylor’s life.

Available through Audible, Amazon, et al.

Also new--well, newISH--in Audio:

MURDER AT PIRATE'S COVE (Secrets and Scrabble 1). 

Matt Haynes is narrating what I plan on being an eight book series. In fact, he's just completed work on SECRET AT SKULL HOUSE. Granted the way Audible is moving these days, it could be three months before the book goes live. :-D 

Ellery Page, aspiring screenwriter, Scrabble champion, and guy-with-worst-luck-in-the-world-when-it-comes-to-dating, is ready to make a change. So when he learns he’s inherited both a failing bookshop and a falling-down mansion in the quaint seaside village of Pirate’s Cove in Rhode Island, it’s full steam ahead!

Sure enough, the village is charming, its residents amusingly eccentric, and widowed police chief Jack Carson is decidedly yummy (though possibly as straight as he is stern). However, the bookstore is failing, the mansion is falling down, and there’s that little drawback of finding rival bookseller—and head of the unwelcoming-committee—Trevor Maples dead during the annual Buccaneer Days celebration.

Still, it could be worse. And once Police Chief Carson learns Trevor was killed with the cutlass hanging over the door of Ellery’s bookstore, it is.

Available through Audible, Amazon, et al. 


  1. That's good news! I'm SO glad Adrian Bisson is back as narrator for Will and Taylor! And I'm excited about "Skull House" audio in the future. 🙂 I really like Matt Haynes for that series. It's amazing the difference a good narrator makes!