Friday, May 29, 2020


Since I'm having trouble staying focused creatively, I've been trying to catch up on a bunch of other things--I'm taking more audio titles wide, I'm doing more print single titles through Amazon, I'm outlining and charting books for the backside of this year and the front side of next year. Trying to be productive as best I can.

I'm also forcing myself to do a few things that I typically don't do. Live interviews, book readings, zoom chats.

I thought you might enjoy checking out a couple of those efforts. ;-)

Here's the interview I did last weekend for the Gay Mystery Podcast with Brad Shreve.

And here's The Thrilling Detective Website's Noir at the Bar (I read from Snowball in Hell)

Thank you so much to everyone who turned up for the Noir at the Bar. I wasn't sure about the protocol, so I was backward about giving a shout-out to anyone, but I appreciated it so much. So great to look out and see your names and faces and scenic backdrops. NEXT TIME I WILL DO BETTER.


  1. I'm looking forward to some quiet time this weekend to listen to both of these. I wasn't able to attend the Zoom Room, so hopefully it's not the last one you do!

  2. Thanks so much for putting out some of your novellas in print. I'm slowly collecting the ones I don't have. If possible I'd like to put in a request for print copies of The Parting Glass and Stranger on the Shore my two favorite JL titles.

    1. The Parting Glass will for sure go into print. Stranger on the Shore... I don't have print rights to that, so I can't make a print version for resale.