Saturday, March 25, 2017

The VERY BIG 1/2 Price Novel Sale

I've never done this before -- and I don't know whether I'll regret it or not. ;-)  But I'm putting all the digital novels through my JustJoshin Publishing, Inc. imprint on sale at half price for one week only.

Starting tomorrow (actually, I think the prices are already changed on Smashwords) all my novel-length stories are $3.99. That includes Stranger Things Have Happened and Man Oh Man: Writing Quality M/M Fiction.

The books included in this are:

The Hell You Say
Death of a Pirate King
The Dark Tide
Stranger Things Have Happened
Man Oh Man: Writing Quality M/M Fiction
Murder in Pastel
The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks
Winter Kill
The Mermaid Murders
The Curse of the Blue Scarab
Somebody Killed His Editor
All She Wrote
The Boy with the Painful Tattoo
Come Unto These Yellow Sands

That's...a lot of books! 


  1. A person would have to be CRAZY to pass up this offer!

    1. I already own them all (except Man, Oh Man. I didn't think there was any point to buying this since I have no intention of writing fiction ever). So I'll wait for some of the short stories to go on sale; I got a few of them out of the library.

    2. Most of the short stories are collected, which is probably the lowest price you'll find on them. I do occasionally run sales on them, but not often because they're already at the minimum price on Amazon. Anything less than $2.99 earns a .35 cent royalty and I just don't sell enough to make that anything but a loss, given that I don't think most readers "discover" you through short stories (although maybe I'm wrong!).

  2. Wonderful! I have all but one so I'm grabbing that now. If you put your novellas on sale, it would be perfect. I want Winter so much.

    1. I've done a lot of sales of novellas and shorts. So that will come up again one of these days.

  3. Naturally I have them all, but there is the possibility of making gifts. :-)

  4. I put this on my Facebook--it sounds like some people are interested.

  5. :o :o You're getting me to spend much more on books in the last couple weeks than I planned!! xD First I finally gave in and tried the All's Fair series when the first one went on sale (I didn't think I was going to get quite so sucked in), and ended up buying the second and planning on the third (all within the space of a week). And now I can round out the last couple of the AE books I've been putting off buying!

    Who needs to stick to the budget for the week or plan for a different book release when there's a sale?! The penny-pinching college student side of me is so very, very thrilled. :D