Sunday, March 12, 2017

New Release - FAIR CHANCE

Fair Chance, the final installment in the All's Fair trilogy is out today in print, ebook and audio.

The Blurb:
Elliot Mills comes face-to-face with evil in this follow-up to Fair Game and Fair Chance from bestselling author Josh Lanyon

One final game of cat and mouse...

Ex-FBI agent Elliot Mills thought he was done with the most brutal case of his career. The Sculptor, the serial killer he spent years hunting, is finally in jail. But Elliot's hope dies when he learns the murderer wasn't acting alone. Now everyone is at risk once again--from a madman determined to finish his partner's gruesome mission.

The Excerpt:
“Excellent choices, gentlemen.” The petite brunette waitress dropped her ticket pad in the pocket of her teeny tiny black skirt and bestowed a dazzling and impartial smile on both of them. “I’ll be right back with your cocktails.”
They were seated at Stanley & Seafort’s Steak, Chop & Fish House, one of their favorite places in town to dine on the evenings they weren’t in a hurry to get back to Goose Island. The food was fine. The bar was excellent. But more to the point, it gave them a chance to talk about the case on neutral ground. When Elliot had finally acceded to SAC Montgomery’s request that he visit Corian, one of Tucker’s stipulations had been that they not take the case home with them. From the point they boarded the ferry at Steilacoom, the topic of the Sculptor was officially shelved.
That was the goal anyway.
Tonight there was more to talk about than could be covered in the drive to the ferry.
Tucker sighed, loosened his tie and leaned back in the sofa-sized booth. Elliot gazed out the picture window at the stunning view of Tacoma and the blue waters of Commencement Bay Harbor beyond. He massaged his knee, which had started to ache.
Tucker glanced at Elliot. “If I seemed…harsh back there,” he began gruffly.
Elliot brushed the apology aside. “It’s all right. I get it.” He didn’t expect—or need—Tucker to pull his punches when they were working.
“You’re my priority. That doesn’t change. I genuinely believe your involvement is not critical, but even if I did think we needed your help, I wouldn’t be happy with this because I don’t think this is good for you. Or us.”
Well, hell. That was Tucker for you. No beating around the bush. And an unnerving ability to say aloud the things most guys, including Elliot, were not comfortable saying outside the privacy of their own bedroom.
“I know, Tucker. Like I said, I get it.” This ground was so well trod it was practically mud beneath Tucker’s handmade Italian shoes. “But just once I’d like to discuss the case without a preface from you on how much you didn’t—and don’t—want me involved.”
Tucker grimaced. Nodded.

They were silent for a few minutes. That was mostly weariness, though a small amount of irritation factored in. They were both too opinionated and strong-willed not to bump heads now and again. They’d learned over the past months that simply taking a deep breath and a step back usually took care of things.
The waitress appeared with their drinks. Whisky and soda for Tucker and a glass of California merlot for Elliot. He needed a drink after the day he’d had, but he would be taking pain meds that night for sure. He must have twisted his knee when he’d raced across Corian’s property to see who had opened fire.
Tucker’s expression was somber as he sipped his whisky.
Watching him, Elliot asked, “Do you want me to share my thoughts on my visit to Corian’s place?”
“If you think it’s relevant.”
Elliot let his head fall back, summoning patience.
“Sorry,” Tucker muttered. “It’s not pleasant watching a psychopath threaten your partner.” He threw the rest of his drink back.
Fair enough. Elliot would be struggling with that too, were the shoe on the other foot. There was nothing he could say to comfort Tucker, so he related his trip to Black Diamond and his encounter with Corian’s former neighbor.
Tucker mulled it over. “Do you think Corian was working with an accomplice?”
“I don’t know. My first instinct was no. Except…I’m not sure that was instinct so much as rejection of something I didn’t want to hear.”
“I watched the interview twice. I still can’t make up my mind.”
Tucker was looking at his empty glass like he didn’t know what had happened to his drink. He caught the waitress’s eye and she nodded. He turned back to Elliot. “What I am sure of is there’s nothing he won’t do to wreck you.”
“Of course,” Elliot said. “We already knew that.”
Tucker’s expression drew a faint smile from him. “Come on, Tucker. We already know I’m the bad guy in Corian’s movie. He didn’t invite me over there because he thinks I’m the one person who can appreciate his artistic genius or have a civilized conversation with him, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. He wants me there so that he can dump his horror stories all over me and hopefully cause maximum mental distress.”
“That’s right,” Tucker said grimly. “He’ll try to get to you any way he can. Including physically, so don’t ever turn your back on him.”
“Is that literally or figuratively? Do you want me to shuffle backwards out of the room at the end of each visit?”
“I’m not joking about this.”
“I know. He’ll continue to be handcuffed and wear ankle restraints during our interviews. I’m not about to forget what he’s capable of.”

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  1. So I felt like a joke was being played on me since I preordered the book, but haven't received it. I looked on Amazon and saw it comes out tomorrow...sigh, although maybe I'll stay up reading tonight at 11pm (cst) when I get it. I'm sure my employer won't mind me calling in sick. Lol. Ah, the cruelty of waiting!

    Cathy R

    1. OOps. I scheduled the post for the wrong day! How :-/

  2. I have to work tomorrow, alas, so I can't start reading until after work - OK, maybe during lunch.

    I noticed something funny as I was rereading Fair Chance in preparation for the new release. Goose Island is modeled after Anderson Island in the Puget Sound. In the movie "WarGames" (1983), David and Jennifer take a ferry to "Goose Island" to find Dr. Falken, the computer "Joshua's" creator, because they believe he is the only person that could stop it. Goose Island is filmed on location on Anderson Island.

    1. LOL See! I'm not the only one who thought Anderson Island is the perfect Goose Island! :-D

  3. YAY!!! Best news all day!! I have alot of reading to catch up on...and paperback books to purchase...seems I've missed a few. It's like Christmas in March :)

  4. Yuhuu. I'm so looking forward to reading this book - just started.
    On another note will book 2 be out in print as well some time???

    1. Carina does not have plans to put the second book into print. I'm sorry about that -- I'd have loved it to go into print as well.

  5. It was wonderful, Josh. It was suspenseful, funny (in all the right places), romantic, sexy, moving. I loved it.

  6. I can not find it on Smashwords :( Please add 'Fair Chance' (there is only 'The Monet Murders' available for purchase on April 30)

    1. Unfortunately the book is published through Carina Press and they do not list their titles on Smashwords. Very sorry about that inconvenience!

  7. I've just finished reading! It was great! Tucker and Elliot are my favorite couple. I will miss them so much. Maybe another book sometime? Please?

    1. Welllll, no plans at this time to write more about them. But I'm so glad you enjoyed the trilogy!

  8. I just finished it and I am sad this is the last instalment of the series. I enjoyed it and luv Sheba! From the development in this series, I guess it remind us to treat animals well. It is rewarding and you might even get more than you "bargained" for. :)

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! :-D I think part of why I jumped at this new puppy was writing Sheba. It reminded me of how much I missed having a dog.

  9. I enjoyed the hell out of this series, and I wish we could spend more time with the guys. But since we're losing them, you wrapped it up perfectly. Still, the perv in me secretly wanted to see McAuley (sp?) lure Elliot into the playroom. (Come on! You could have written it as a dream sequence!) :D

    1. LOL. It would have to be a dream sequence for sure. :-D