Saturday, July 30, 2016


First things first.

Magic and Mayhem:  Fiction and Essays Celebrating LGBTQA Romance is now available for preorder at Amazon or Smashwords right now. When you buy the antho you help support the event known as Gay Romance Nothwest Meet-Up, and I think we can all agree we need many more such events.

Look at this line up:


“Broken Art,” by Dev Bentham
“Caroline’s Heart,” by Austin Chant
“Demonica,” by Megan Derr
“The Hollow History of Professor Perfectus,” by Ginn Hale
“Fade to Black,” by Josh Lanyon
“Charmed By Chance,” by Alex Powell
“Sun, Moon, and Stars,” by E.J. Russell
“Slack Tide,” by Karelia Stetz-Waters


“Romance for the Rest of Us,” by Jessica Blat
“Sad Queer Characters and the Revolution of Joy,” by Austin Chant
“Dear Rose,” by Rose Christo
“How to Get LGBT Romance Books Into Libraries” by Marlene Harris
“So What is “Character-Type Love Match” Anyway?” by Nicole Kimberling
“My Road to Romance,” by Susan Lee
“To My Future Self,” by E.E. Ottoman
“What I’ve Learned,” by Jordan Castillo Price
“Dear Len,” by Radclyffe
“A Letter to My Former Self,” by Rick R. Reed
“Five Things We Learned Running A Queer Romance Event (and the One Thing We Still Need to Do)” by Tracy Timmons-Gray

My "assignment" was Soldier and Tattoo Artist. :-)

I think I'm almost as excited to read the essays as the stories. 

So that's one exciting piece of news. And then we have a little bitty story from me called Night Watch.

Three years ago investigative reporter Parker Davidson barely survived a brutal attack by his psychopathic ex-boyfriend. It’s given him a dim view of romance. 

When Parker’s ex escapes from a maximum security prison, LAPD Lieutenant Henry Stagge is tasked with making sure that Parker doesn’t end up a victim a second—and final—time. 

Most cops believe Parker got what he deserved, but over the course of a few very tense hours, Henry begins to wonder if there’s more to Parker than he thought. 

Second chances happen in the strangest places—and at the strangest times.

You can pop over to Smashwords or Amazon and conveniently buy them both at the same time.

There's more to talk about (I know I missed last week's blog, but that's what happens when the writing frenzy starts) but we'll leave it there for now.


  1. “The Hollow History of Professor Perfectus,”

    I love that title so much! :-D

  2. Preordered and bought/read. :-)

    Brain am a Readbot

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

  3. Hi, Josh!
    The first thing I did this morning was reach for my kindle because I knew I had Night Watch waiting for me. And it was everything I hoped for and more. The great story and exceptional writing had given me a great start for the weekend. I am always amazed by how you can show such a depth of a character even in a short story. Amazing. Thank you for giving us these novellas in between your novels. I love them. The are a very welcomed surprise every time.
    Have a wonderful day and Happy Writing.

    1. What lovely comments. Thank you very much, Olga.

  4. Bought and pre-ordered. I'll save Nightwatch for an evening when I need cheering up after an awful day at work.

    1. Well, that being the case, I hope you don't get around to reading it for some time. :-)

  5. Christmas in July really does exist!

    Bought and started Night Watch last night. Unfortunately had to take a break reading to go to a family reunion today. lol Diving back in at bedtime tonight. :D

  6. I've already preordered Magic & Mayhem, and Night Watch is already in my kindle, lined up to be my next...

  7. I enjoyed Night Watch very much. It is fascinating, that you can tell us so much, even in a short story. That's when craft meets art.
    The story gave me a lot of thoughts. I am good at reading people, but when I failed, I failed spectacular. And there was always a form of self-deception involved.
    Looking forward to Fade to Black.

    1. Thank you for that thoughtful comment, Sabine. One reason predators are successful is the rest of us take it for granted that others have good intent (even if it doesn't always manifest). And I think you're right, I think we want to believe that about others -- especially others we've trusted our hearts to.

  8. I love surprises like this! Bought and pre-ordered :)

  9. Hey Josh - Night Watch was excellent, particularly for the hopeful message at the end. Good to read in what seems to be a darkening world.

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    1. And what that has to do with the price of potatoes... :-D