Friday, February 19, 2021



To be honest, mostly what I listened to while writing this one were seascape sounds--and rain. Lots of rain and lots of surf. 

But during the editorial process, yes, I do listen to a lot of music, including (this may strike some as a peculiar choice, but there you go) folk music and sea chanteys. 

Anyway, for your listening pleasure. 

There for You - Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan

Hard Times in the Mill - Pete Seeger

Every Ending is a Chance - Claire Wyndham

Falling - Harry Styles

Dangerously - Charlie Puth

Before You Go - Lewis Capaldi

My Jolly Sailor Bold - Ashley Serena

Fools - Troye Sivan

The Jeannie C. - Stan Rogers

What's Next Has Come - Claire Wyndham

Waste it on Me - Steve Aoki (AND BTS)

Heat Waves - Glass Animals

Since We're Alone - Niall Horan


Oh, and yes, the book is DONE. And I love it. There's just something about these characters. It's hard to explain because they're...the characters and their stories are gentle in a way my other stuff isn't. Well, maybe my Christmas stories. My Christmas stories have toasty little marshmallow hearts. ;-) My mysteries, not so much. Not usually. 


  1. Thanks for the playlist ! I can’t wait for the story !

  2. Thank you for writing this! :)

  3. These stories are as advertised - cozy! They're wonderful! Except for the murder rate, I SO want to live their!Beaches and crashing waves are my official happy place. 🥰

  4. I can hardly wait for the release! I have loved all the other books in the series!

  5. I'm only several chapters in, but loving it. I love Nora and especially Watson, and the slow build up with Ellery and Jack. Thank you so much!

  6. Are you saying BAU Chief Sam Kennedy doesn't have a toasty little marshmallow heart???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I also LOVE Pirate's Cove. This one is perfect!