Friday, March 1, 2019

NEW RELEASE Green Glass Beads in Audio

I'd mentioned a while back that Joel Leslie was doing the narration of the Green Glass Beads audio book. OH MY GOSH, HE'S SO GOOD. The book is brilliant.

That wasn't actually my point though. :-D My point is because the novella cannot be tied to an individual work (it's part of the Irregulars anthology) the audio cannot be listed on Audible or Amazon. It's ridiculous, I agree! But I don't have any control over it.

But the audio is available a lot of other places including iTunes and Google Play, so you can still purchase it, and I'll list all those handy-dandy buy links below.

**If you're at the $20.00 and up tier on my Patreon DO NOT BUY THIS AUDIO BOOK. You're going to receive a download code for it shortly. :-)

Everyone else, you can purchase the audio book a whole bunch of places--and, yes, I know it's not as convenient as one-clicking at Amazon or Audible. But preventing a complete monopoly of the audio book market is going to require a little sacrifice from both of us. Choice. Options. Non-exclusivity. These are good things. Good for me and good for you.

Oh, and if you'd like to take a little listen to a sample of the story, you can check it out on my website right here.


  1. Okay, this window was kept open for a while now. I was ready to comment, and then, I got distracted by the sample :P

    Oh, I love it! I want it now! And I will get it... as soon as possible (argh! money!).

    Thank you :D

    1. Thank you! I appreciate it. Alas for the filthy lucre requirement. :-D

  2. First of all, I love all your Books. They got me a long way learning the english language. And I love the audiobooks, for the same reasons. But JOEL LESLIE for narration?!?!! His Voice is like a eighty jears old chi-chi fruitcake Oxford-professor. A sexy half-elf and a hot demon? It sounds more like old uncle Harolds tea party. I really love the story of the Green Glas Beads, but it hurts to listen to the audiobook.

    1. I'm always curious about people who make these kinds of comments. What goes through your head? The project is complete, so you know that your opinion is not productive at this point. Yet you feel compelled to deliberately, knowingly say something that would be bound to hurt the human on the other end of it. Why? Why is it more important to express your opinion than consider the feelings of another human being?

      I really detest the fact that the internet has brought this out in so many of us. Has somehow convinced us that our opinions--even when we know they will not change any outcome--are more important than the feelings of another person who has done us no harm, no wrong, is simply creating art to the best of their ability.

      Truly, you should stop and consider the type of person the internet is turning you into.

      Best wishes,

    2. I always find it interesting that these kinds of comments are generally anonymous. If you don't like it, own it. The anonymity just lets us know that you 1. have no couth and 2. don't have the courage to stand behind your convictions. Disregard it, Josh. There are plenty of us that appreciate the time and trouble you take to choose the narrators for your stories.

    3. Joel Leslie is one of the best voice actors in the business. Be nice, anonymous. It pays dividends. Really.

  3. Green Glass Beads is like this mystery book-white-whale for me, cause i never wanted to spring for an anthology... I am gonna do it. Get's ready to click... It could be helpful as a Monday morning read... I listen to books at work...

  4. Can't wait to listen to this one, I love Irregulars and I loved what Joel Leslie did with Hemovore by JCP!

  5. (My first attempt at posting vanished into cyber-space when I hit preview, so if it somehow reappears, please delete.)

    I listened to this yesterday. The story is like a weird comfort read for me, because it is part of an anthology of weird and wonderful tales by four of my favorite authors.

    Understanding how personally we respond to voices, for me Joel Leslie's narration is perfect for this story. If his some of his voicing choices had been described to me in advance I might have been skeptical, but having listened I'm sold. Archer's (English) voice somehow hints at how he is older than he appears. Rake and Gati both sound Russian/Eastern European (to my ears), which is oddly appropriate given what they are. The Moth Man, Ezra, and Sergeant Orly, and Barry's (an Old West/Canadian amalgam?) voices imaginatively delineate them. Leslie's narrative voice takes me to the world of "once upon a time," old Grimm, and magic.