Friday, March 29, 2019

NEW RELEASE - The Ghost Had an Early Check-out in AUDIO

The Ghost Had an Early Check-out is now available in audio!

Michael Pauley did the narration this time around. I did really love Max Miller's work on The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks, but I felt I wanted a different feel, a different take (now there's a useless description to give a narrator!) for the sequel.

Bad stage direction regardless, Michael definitely delivered.

Anyway, the story is available on iTunes, Amazon and Audible. The compromise I've struck is to launch new audio through Audible but then once the titles have earned out, take the books wide. Usually that shouldn't take much more than a year.

That said, the process of moving titles over is slow and laborious. Of the twelve titles I've taken non-exclusive so far, I've only managed to list one on Findaway Voices!

One step at a time...

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