Friday, September 30, 2016

Cover Contest Winner: GREEN GLASS BEADS

Personally, I thought every single one of these was magical. And holy moly the variety and imagination!

Honestly, I knew as these came in that I would be content to accept the will of the people, and so I am delighted to announce that #2 by Karan Kapszukiewicz is our winner! (Can I just say that face totally looks like Archer to me.)

Karan, let me know your Paypal address and the Shutterstock #s and away we shall go. :-)


  1. I love your cover so much, Karan. It's my absolute favorite of all the Green Glass Beads submissions! Well done, dear!

  2. Love this! Congrats, Karan! :-)

  3. Congratulations Karan! I love this cover.

    Kora J