Friday, September 23, 2016


Wow!! So many wonderful covers to choose from.

Because I want this to be about the art and only the art, I'm going to list the photos without the name of the artist this time through.

When we announce the winners, we'll match the cover to the artist's name -- and maybe we can even permit them to share links to their portfolios or website or social media, if anyone would like to do that!

Vote in the comment section for the number of the cover you like best. Just vote once, if you don't mind. :-)

There are five contests in total -- you'll find them below this post on the blog.

Ignore the watermarks and so forth on some of the covers. Just look at the overall design, whatever the particular challenge might be (is it supposed to match existing style of cover, for example?)  and consider whether that cover would make you want to open the book.

You're looking for a cover that looks good large AND small.

In the meantime thank you to the following artists: Dovie Cross, Johanna Ollila, Karan Kapszukiewicz, Mabel Chiltern, Kora J, Teekah Doyle and, last but never least, Catherine Dair. You guys are all so talented and so generous to share that talent with the rest of us! Thank you so much!



  1. I would have liked to participate but I have been traveling and I could not. I congratulate the artists because all the covers are great.

    1. All the covers ARE great. As usual. Sorry you couldn't join us this time around -- I still love that Dark Farewell in audio. Gorgeous!

  2. Once again, Josh, thank you for letting us come out to play. Your generosity is amazing. :)

  3. Wonderful covers, and very difficult to choose. Like trying to decide which is better: my catnip mouse or a paper bag.

  4. That was very, very difficult. I liked them all! I wish I could do that too. Especially the covers for The Art of Murder series and Green Glass Beads are very beautiful. I would like to decorate my living room with them.

  5. OK, here goes:
    Bite Club #4 - it continues the theme of Mummy Dearest
    Fool Rush In #4 - also continues the series theme
    Monet Murders #4 - not for the bare torso, for the awesome job on the T-shirt
    So This is Christmas #2 - it's perfect for Adrien

  6. My choices:
    Bite Club #1
    Fool Rush In #1
    Monet Murders #4 - also for the awesome job on the T-shirt
    So This is Christmas #2

    Best wishes

  7. Bite Club - don't like any of them
    Fools Rush in #3
    Monet Murders #4 - absolute perfection
    So This is Christmas #2

  8. Best cover of the lot is number 5 for Green Glass Beads.