Friday, September 23, 2016

Cover Art Finals: The Monet Murders

There project is The Monet Murders, which is the second book in the Art of Murder series. There was an additional invitation to supply a potential cover for The Mermaid Murders, given that it was going to be difficult to match The Mermaid Murders moving forward (since the original cover model has been removed from Shutterstock).

So where two covers were supplied, I'm putting them together as a pair.

Here we go!








  1. Wow, so many very good entries! I have to decide, yes?

    #2 as a set
    #4 when going solo :-)

  2. #2 pair
    #5 single
    ~ Judy S

  3. Definitely #4 would be the cover that grabbed my attention (I'd also like one of those tee shirts, please).

  4. #4
    looks really beautiful, interesting and it makes sense with the title of the book. Mermaid murders is my favourite book of yours and I am so excited for the sequel!

  5. 2 (pair) or 6, but none of them really encapsulate the book(s) for me.