Friday, August 19, 2016

Cover Challenge #1 SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS

Here's the blurb:

God Help You Merry Gentlemen...

Arriving home early after spending Christmas in jolly old England, sometime amateur sleuth Adrien English discovers alarming developments at Cloak and Dagger Books--and an old acquaintance seeking help in finding his missing boyfriend.

Fortunately, Adrien just happens to know a really good private eye...

Although the existing series covers (by the wonderful Kanaxa)  are getting a bit long in the tooth, I still really like them a lot and am not ready to change them out. So the challenge here is to create something that works seamlessly with the existing series covers. Which you can check out on my cover gallery right here.

Although a couple of the covers featured landscape and not humans, books with humans on the cover sell better, so my advice would be opt for a human male on the cover.

The second thing to remember is this is a holiday story. So a few holiday elements might not come amiss. Or maybe they would. I'm not the artist here. You are.

Any questions? Post them in the comment section below.

Good luck!

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