Friday, July 18, 2014

SUMMER - Five Things I Love

It's time for our quarterly Five Things I Love update. Of course, we do this daily at Goodreads and weekly on Facebook as well, so there is never a shortage of reminding ourselves that even on the most frustrating day you run into, there is still plenty to be glad about.

So what do I love about summer?

1 - Swimming. Usually every evening, sometimes in the mornings. I love the water. Love, love, love the water.

2 - Barbecue. We grill a lot of food during the warm months of the year. Mostly a lot of salmon and veggies, but also fish and shrimp for tacos. Delicious.

3 - Stars in the night sky. Granted, the stars are there all the time, but we're not outside at night so much in the winter, so we miss a lot. There is nothing like gazing up at the night sky to remind you of your place in the scheme of things. (Which is to say, less than the blink of the tiniest pinpoint of light.)

4 - Fried food. (Wait! How did fried food pop up again? It is everywhere lately!)  It is so bad. It is so good. It is so BAD.

5 - Getting smashed and waking up with a roiling stomach and pounding headache. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA. NO. Having mostly, finally learned not to give into moments that lead to mornings like that. Yes, in some ways I do love -- LOVE -- getting older.

So? What about you? Five things you love about the summer?


  1. Five things I love about summer:
    1. The color - granted, in FL we have flowering things all year, but summer color is so vibrant
    2. The sunshine on the gulf waters.
    3. All the young, scantily clad folks on the beaches. (what? I'm shallow).
    4. Long drives down the coast road and seeing all the little shops thriving.
    5. The storms. It storms almost every afternoon in the summer.

  2. 1. Flowers - i can't get enough of them, especially since here they're not to be seen for months! I love the shapes and colors and textures, they're Wonderful!
    2. Water - there's something so soothing about water, swimming, or just looking at a lake or a river, the susurrus
    3. Biking
    4. Going for walks in the evening when there's still light outside; at the height of summer it's light until 9-9:30pm
    5. Rain, and the smell of rain, after really hot days

  3. 1. Warmth, light, feeling alive
    2. Can't really see the stars here during the summertime, but I love to watch how the summer sun colors the night sky peach, pink, light blue — and how the color changes and intensifies and lightens again. And how the edges of the clouds are positively golden. It's mesmerizing. I could watch the summer night sky for the longest time.
    3. Having get-togethers with friends. Cooking together, barbecuing, laughing. Seeing everyone happy, relaxed, in no hurry.
    4. Garden. Everything about it — even mowing the lawn. ;-)
    5. Scents of summer: summer rain, flowers, herbs, grill, fresh mowed grass, sea breeze, sauna, strawberries...

  4. 1. Warmth and sunlight, blue skies and fluffy white clouds.
    2. The wonderfully long days we have here - it starts getting light at about 4AM, and stays light 'til past nine. I LOVE that!
    3. Seeing my flowers bloom and grow.
    4. All the other beautiful greenery as well - trees, grass, uncut fields (weeds can be very pretty)
    5. Dock Days!

  5. 1. Sounds of summer. Ice cream trucks, birds chirping, dogs barking, people talking on the street. In the winter we are cut off from all of that. We're insulated.
    The color green. Dark green. The winter is white, the fall, orange and red and brown, the springtime has new spring green sprouting here and there, but only summer has that dark, cool, green.
    3.Seeing kids enjoying the same things I did when I was their age. Water, picnics, sunshine. Don't forget amusement parks and summer festivals.
    4. Farmer's market fresh produce. Especially melons. All kinds. Love them.
    5. Reading a book outside or at a park...under the trees. Ahhh....

  6. These are all so lovely. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  7. Things I love about summer...
    1. an abundance of sunshine
    2. being outside to read
    3. sitting on our back deck at the end of the day and enjoying time with my husband (this usually involves a cold drink, wine or beer either is good at our house)
    4. going for long drives out in the country and exploring all the little villages we find.
    5. all the different summer activities that happen farmer's markets, festivals, fireworks on holidays, art & craft fairs in the parks, etc, etc.

  8. Summer... :-)
    1. Swimming in the pond with the dogs
    2. Being able to go outside without putting on 6 layers of clothes/coats
    3. Fresh local fruit and veggies
    4. The many shades of green
    5. Outdoor concerts

  9. Summer things...
    1. Cape Cod and the ferry to get there
    2. the farmers' markets
    3. glorious sunsets even in NYC
    4. comfy athletic sandals
    5. walking in Central Park

  10. 1. Bare feet
    2. Summer fruits and veggies in season
    3. Sitting outside in the evenings
    4. The warmth and light
    5. Wildflowers

  11. What I love about summer...

    *leaving all windows and doors open
    *a light breeze in the evening that smells like dew on grass
    *harvest (it's a thing from childhood, the smell, the noise, a very powerfull memory)
    *walking around in sandals or even barefoot
    *feeling the sun on my skin

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  13. 1 taking BART in fog-bound SF when it's a million degrees inland
    2 Mucking in the garden (this year it's succulents because of the draught)
    3 eating outside
    4 watching my fuzzy, four-legged child play in her pool (her name is Eliot)
    5 taking photos of all my flowers....and Eliot....

  14. Summer

    # Shakespeare in the park

    # That there is daylight, before and after work

    # The smell of rain , after a long sunny day

    # Walking through the forest and the light is goldengreen ( and no mention of gnats )

    # Sitting at the Rhine, admiring the sun sparkle on the water

  15. 1. Camp Fires

    2. Jumping off the Wharf on a hot day (Atlantic ocean is freezing in Nova Scotia)

    3. Baby Calf's are out playing, so cute to watch.

    4. BBQ

    5. Stan Fest (out door concert east coast/folk music)

  16. 1. Peaches and watermelons. Juicy, sweet and taste like summer.
    2. Red nail polish on my toes (I know, girly, but there you go).
    3. Music festivals.
    4. Greek salad.
    5. The sun, the water, outdoors :)


  17. Hola, Josh:
    1. Beach.
    2. Countryside excursions.
    3. Butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies and other insects ... except flies and mosquitoes.
    4. The terraces of the bars to chat with friends.
    5. Horchata y sangría. (The first is a drink made from tiger nuts and the second wine, water or soda, sugar, lemon juice and pieces of fruit: peach, apple, etc ...).

  18. 1) Waking up to an already bright sky.
    2) Colour! All the flowers and insects (?!) that aren't usually around.
    3) The energy and happiness on the streets on a bright, sunny day.
    4) Not (usually) having to wear a jacket for a change :)
    5) The long days and bright evenings.

  19. 1. Gatherings of the tribes (tango and family)
    2. Staying up really late to read, then sleeping in
    3. Monsoons in the high desert
    4. Tiny toads
    5. Tomatoes snatched straight from the vine

  20. 1. The smell of fresh cut hay. 2. Thunderstorms 3. Fireflies 4. The smell of green in the early morning. 5. Morning coffee on the deck.

  21. 1. Sunflower
    2. Yukata
    3. Fireworks
    4. Watermelon
    5. That there is daylight, before and after work

  22. 1)Enjoying walking inthe beach; 2)love to bathe answiim inthe sea:3)barbacues outdoors: 4) strolling in the Woods; 5) hhaving sex in the beach at niight.