Saturday, March 16, 2013

We have a winner!

But I'm not going to make the announcement on who will be narrating Armed and Dangerous  until Monday. I'll just say that I'm content with the way things worked out. Of course I thought all three finalist narrators were terrific, so from my perspective, there was no way things were going to turn out anything but great.

That said, given how really excellent these guys were, I want to recommend them to any author or publisher thinking of commissioning an audio book. I'm already looking at future projects and considering where I might use them. no particular order our finalists were:

Jordan Murphy

Adrian Bisson

Michael Ochs for Brick Shop Audio

All three of these guys were professionals, good sports -- and have  GREAT voices. In fact, I have never read so many emails from readers saying they wanted to "lick their computer screens"!

Speaking of which, I want to thank all the readers who took part in the voting process. We had about two hundred votes each time, which is really excellent. I don't know if you were just humoring me or you really were that invested in who narrates Will and Taylor's stories, but it really made the process a lot of fun.

So a big thank you to the readers and to our very talented narrators.  



  1. Happy St. Paddy's to you too!

    No, not humoring you, really care and was honored to be included in the selection process.

    Have a Great One!!!!

    1. Nora, I was genuinely thrilled with the response to the contest. I think readers *do* genuinely care about who narrates these stories!

  2. Invested in who reads Will and Taylor? Ha. Ha. Ha. You jest of course!