Friday, March 2, 2018

The Magician Murders - Playlist

In the initial stages of writing, I usually listen to a Pandora channel my nephews refer to as the "Funeral Channel" or the "Death Channel". (Outside my family circle it's actually known as "Meditation by the Sea".) Sometimes I listen to the "Wind Chimes channel," which the nephews assure me is indistinguishable from the "Funeral Channel," though I beg to differ. Sometimes I listen to classical music. Basically I listen to stuff that does not have words.

But eventually I always hit a point where I am longing for something a bit peppy--and emotional. I go back to One Republic and Lifehouse and Muse and start to develop a playlist that keeps me in the right mood for each phase of the story. I'm at that point in the creative phase of The Magician Murders. The point where I am driving the SO and Marlowe the Mutt crazy playing the same songs over and over. ;-)

I like this phase though because it means the story is becoming real to me and I'm thinking less about the order of words and more about how the characters feel about each other and all the dreadful things happening to them.

Anyway, here's the official unveiling of The Magician Murders playlist.


  1. I have a confession... I've never listened to a complete playlist! And no, I'm NOT giving back my Fanyon card!!

  2. one republic!!! and this is such a good playlist! you should do this for other works you're working on. thanks for sharing :)

    1. Sometimes the stories happen so fast there isn't time for a playlist, but yes! A lot of times I do have a playlist that I could share.

  3. An amazing and eclectic list - I approve! 😊 As art does feature, may I suggest Don McLean's Vincent? 😊 - this YouTube video shows Van Gogh's works of art too along with the lyrics. 😊

  4. Love Lifehouse. Love One Republic. LOVE this list. Music adds another evocative layer to the characters and the story for me. Thank you for doing this.

  5. Truth be told, I've been a Megadeth fan since I was 14 (that makes it 20+ years now). It makes me feel giddy that my favorite band is included in a playlist of my favorite novel.