Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Autumn! Five Things to Love

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, but I like them because, although they're simple, they give everyone reading the blog an opportunity to join in. I enjoy when a blog post turns into a conversation.

So anyway, here are five things I love about autumn. And if you'd care to share five things YOU love in the comment section below, I'll randomly choose someone to receive a print copy of the Japanese translation of Fair Play.

Now perhaps you don't speak Japanese.

That's okay. I don't speak Japanese either. You will still enjoy this book because ILLUSTRATIONS, PEOPLE.


Five Things to Love About Autumn.

1 - Idyllic temperatures. Fall in Southern California means cool, breezy nights and mild sunny days. The light is gorgeous. Luminous. The mornings smell of fresh-brewed coffee and a hint of something like damp earth and warm stone. It smells like the start of a new year, even though it's technically the wind-down of the old year. We use the fire pit in the backyard mostly in autumn. And those final, just-on-the-verge-of-too-chilly swims of the season are some of the very best.

2 - Sweaters. I love super-soft, warm and roomy sweaters. My cashmere coat sweater. The gray, green and purple pullover I bought on Orkney. The gray lambswool cardigan I wore the first night I went to dinner with the SO.

3 - The spooky vibe. I guess I partly mean Halloween, although I'm not really that much of a fan of Halloween. What I do like about it are the costumes and masks and spooky movies and spooky stories and spooky walks late at night when every skitter of leaves on pavement has you looking over your shoulder. There's something dark and mysterious about autumn, and that's what I love more than the candy...although I hasten to add there is nothing wrong with the candy.

4 - Baking. Serious baking starts in the fall. Pumpkin breads and pecan pies and bread right out of the oven, slathered in butter. All sorts of cookies and pastries and delicious flaky goodness. Yum.

5 - Going to bed early and sleeping late--and the snuggling that takes place in between. I sleep better in the autumn. I sleep better when I'm cold (not too cold of course--not so cold I wake up and start searching for socks). I read more in the autumn too, because there are few things cozier than climbing into a giant nest of pillows and blankets with a good book. Or even a bad book, if it's so bad it's funny.

Okay, what about you? What five things do you love about Autumn?


  1. Five things I like about autumn:
    1. Sweating less. I am not big on high temperatures. Also, when it's summer there's always a nagging feeling I should be out "enjoying the weather", even though I have terrible hay fever and the sun has a mission to destroy me.
    2. Boots. Best footwear invention ever, but you can't wear them in the summer without getting (a) comments about sweaty feet and (b) actual sweaty feet, which is worse.
    3. Colours. Every September I get to renew my love affair with burgundy (the colour, not the wine. Okay, the wine as well).
    4. The garden finally stops growing, and I can retire my machete for another year.
    5. It's the start of the year. No, bear with me: it's the start of the *academic* year, which means my writers' group returns from the summer break, and all sorts of interesting courses start up. January is a rubbish time to try to strike out in a new direction - it's dark and grim and you're suffering the post-Christmas hangover, not to mention the credit card bills. For me, like Harry Potter, the new year starts on September 1st. :)

  2. We don't really notice the subtlety of season here. It's either hot or cold. But I do love fall. So mine is kind of a combo of the north and south.
    1. Here in the south, the humidity starts to drop in autumn. The days stay warm enough to swim but you don't feel like you're trying to breathe under water.
    2. The crunch of leaves and the smell that comes with the fallen leaves.
    3. The colors in the hills of Ohio. It all seems so brilliant. Reds, Golds and Yellows more vibrant that anything I've ever seen.
    4. The smell of wood smoke in the air. We don't have too many nights that it's cool enough for a fire, but I love the smell.
    5. Sitting outside around a fire and singing with friends. The hush that seems surround us as we share in the camaraderie that a fire instills.

  3. 1. Sunny, windy (but not crazy windy) days perfect for talking strolling walks with the sound of the wind rustling the leaves
    2. Tights and boots and scarves. I love dressing in autumn because of the cute layers you can pile on (without the frigid temperatures).
    3. The colors. I love the colors of autumn: reds and golds and browns against a backdrop of fading greens. It's so beautiful.
    4. Warm drinks. I love coffee and tea in the Fall when the temperature starts to drop.
    5. Snow. It starts to snow here in the Autumn. Just the occasional sprinkling of little flakes that makes things seem magical - nothing like the horrid winter storms.

  4. Cooler weather
    Beautiful colors: Nature and decorations
    Less bugs when out walking
    Homemade soups and stews

  5. 1. Jumping through autumn leaves
    2. Snuggly soft blankets
    3. Curling up in front of the fire while Miss Butterwith reads lovely stories
    4. Tinkling wind chimes
    5. Busy busy squirrels

  6. Five things I love about Autumn:
    1. The kids go back to school! Honestly, I love the lazy days of summer but there's something wonderful about getting my life back after Labor Day.
    2. Taking the dogs for walks in the beautiful Long Island weather. Not too hot, not too cold (when we aren't dodging the wind and the rain - but that can be kind of nice too).
    3. Anticipating Halloween and Thanksgiving - two of my favorite holidays, plus my brother comes from Maine to visit every year after his harvest and I haven't seen him since May.
    4. Tucking away my summer clothes and pulling out all those comfy sweats and cords and bulky sweaters.
    5. Having more time to READ! All the things I love to do in the summer: beach, tennis, golf are finished so I can be lazy and (if I'm lucky) maybe read a bit in my hammock.
    Happy Autumn!

  7. 1. I love the fall colors that I grew up with back in Wis. Here in Southeast Alaska, it's green or brown with one wind storm, trees that do have leaves lose them very quickly.
    2.The longer nights, where the days have only 5 hours of daylight
    3. The wood stove, there isn nothing better than heating the house with wood and watching the flames dance.
    4. Halloween, this year I'm hoping for less rain and using our fire pit. I want to wrap up in a blanket and watch the stars as I roast marshmallows
    5. The northern lights, just maybe I will get to see them this year.

  8. 1. Cooler temperatures.
    2. Jackets. As you love your sweaters, so I love my jackets.
    3. The pretty trees. The colors can be breathtaking.
    4. Fall is an excuse for baking.
    5. Fall is an excuse to go clothes shopping.

  9. Five things I love about autumn:
    1-leaves and their beautiful colors, red, yellow, brown and Ginger...
    2-drink hot tea in my favorite mug
    3-start again with crochet and begin to think to Christmas's stuff to create.
    4-soft and warm blankets, I love them and every autumn I buy a new one (my wardrobe is full!)
    5-afternoons on the sofa, covered with blanket reading a good book
    Thank you Josh, I don't know Japanese either but those illustrations are amazing!

  10. I love about Autumn:
    1. The warm coloured light
    2. The colours in general. These beautiful reds, greens, yellows and browns.
    3. At my work begins with autumn The Saison when the customers are starting to spend money gracefully and plenty. And that means for me no time for meetings.
    4. I love fresh picked apples.
    5. There is a nip in the air, a bit cold, a bit sharp - I like that.
    I own the Japanese copy of Fair Play already (to my delight 😄), so I cross my fingers for you all!

  11. Five things I love about the fall:
    1. Cooler temps. I am a jeans, sweater, sweatshirt, flannel, fleece kind of girl.
    2. The changeover. I'm a sucker for the color changes and the scent of the autumn breeze.
    3. Football, baby!
    4. Fire pit season. This is the only time of year, you will catch me outside enjoying one.
    5. Prelude to my favorite holidays. Time to start creating my decorations.

  12. I love autumn. I love that it has two names. My birthday, my son's birthday, spooky, spooky parties. Food that looks creepy that you can eat. I love the smell of the leaves and seeing your breath in the cool night air. I love pumpkins and hay and apple cider. <3

  13. 1) Fall means sweater weather. I have this oversized men's XXL cardigan that I live in at home once it's getting colder. It has front pockets in which I can store useful things like Kleenex and chapstick.

    2) It means my vacation days are almost here

    3) Jonathan apples. They are seriously the best and I only ever see them sold briefly in the fall.

    4) It's getting dark earlier so it feels like I'm getting more nighttime reading done.

    5) The SMELL of fall. That cool,crisp air mixed with the scent of bonfires.

  14. Oh wow I love manga and had no idea the Japanese translation had PICTURES!
    I love autumn because 1) the temperature cools!! 2) you get to wear warmer, more comfortable clothes in darker, autumn colours!! 3) it becomes more acceptable to stay in in the evenings with a book!! 4) the food - spices and baking and soup!!! And 5) It means it's Halloween time, and almost Christmas time!!

  15. 1. Hoodies...lots of hoodies
    2. Fuzzy socks
    3. Falling swirling leaves in the wind
    4. Making applesauce with fresh picked apples
    5. The pumpkin patch...always the pumpkin patch

  16. Love that cover*.* (I'm in otaku-mode)
    Five things I love about autumn
    1) The end of summer. Finally. I don't like summer. Too hot, too sunny, mosquitos, headaches. I'm more stressed and unhappy during the summer months. So, welcome autumn! The air is cooler, the sky gray-er, I can wear coats, and jumpers, and scarves, and worm hats. Aaah. Joy.
    2) The smells. Smell of fallen leaves - love it - smell of damp earth, smell of wood ready to be stored for the fireplace, smell of "mosto", pressed grapes left to rest in the barrels to become wine, smell of fog - I love the fog - smell of roasted chestnuts that warm up your hands through the paper bags they're sold in.
    3) Start of the Ice Skating season! And this is also Olympic year. Super excited.
    4) Well, the colours, of course. The reds and oranges and yellows and browns. They have something magical.
    5) Snow time is getting closer. Yay! (Yes, it's snow, not show ;-)) Here actually it's already started, but just few flakes. I can't wait for the real one!
    And then, it's almost Christmas season, my absolute favourite. But this is the sixth thing... Oops.

  17. Ohh Autumn! I love the boots. I love the scarves. I love that it is cooler without freezing my tush off. I love the baking scents of apple pies and crisps; vanilla and cinnamon. And I love making soups for dinner- like split pea, vegetable, chicken and tomato. Mmm

  18. Also hubby claims he finally gets to sleep better now when it's autumn. That's due to dark nights. He has trouble sleeping during the summertime because of the light, "nightless" nights.

    1. Big, warm scarfs. Woolen socks. Mittens.

    2. Lanterns, candles, fireplace. Soft, live glow of fire and flame.

    3. Tea, hot coco, mulled wine.

    4. Squirreling away as much berries as possible: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, sea-buckthorns, cherries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, cloudberries, rowan berries... :-)

    5. Watching how nature changes its color step by step. Currently only the birch trees have started to turn bright yellow, but it won't be long before other trees follow.

  19. I love Autumn - my favorite season!
    1. Autumn hiking - the colors, the crunch of frosty leaves underfoot, the smell of dying foliage and high-bush cranberries, dusting of snow later in the season....
    2. Hot drinks - spiced cider and spiked cocoa
    3. More time to read, especially my annual reading of Poe’s complete works in October.
    4. Fall foods - squashes, sweet potatoes, apples, cranberries in all their sweet and savory dishes. And oh, the spices!
    5. Sweaters and more sweaters layered over and under everything!

  20. 1) Rain. Is great to look at from the inside but also to take a walk in the rain.
    2) Chestnuts. There are many things you can do with them.
    3) Cold Nights. I sleep better when it's cold outside. Theres nothing better than to cuddle in a warm bed in a cold room.
    4) Soups. Pumpkin, Potato, Vegetable and others.
    5) Hoodies. They are waiting for months in the closet to come out.

  21. Oh! I'd love to have a chance at this!!! It's been awhile since I could practice any Japanese and I'm a bit rusty. I've lost almost everything I knew T_T.
    My five favourites about autumn:
    1. Roasted chestnuts stalls on the streets.
    2. A warm blanket over my legs at home.
    3. Coco jumping and meowing on my lap (now is still too hot and he avoids me).
    4. Hot tea.
    5. Rain.

  22. Okay, so I got a little carried away and picked several of you for a copy. :-D Coz...I'm a glutton for punishment.

    Will the following peoples please send me their snail mail addresses:

    1 - El gato sobre el tejado
    2 - Ariel
    3 - Cris
    4 - Dyan

    Thank you to everyone who commented. I loved reading those little glimpses into your lives.