Friday, September 29, 2017

Experiment with Kindle Unlimited Take 2

I had kind of a long, involved post about why I'm experimenting with Kindle Unlimited again, especially since the last time I tried it, I basically frustrated readers who don't buy from Amazon--while only earning pretty much exactly the same I always earn with historical.

Well, in a way that's why I thought maybe I should give KU another try. A wacky historical mystery--satire, in fact--was probably not the best choice for experiment.

My goal is visibility with readers who maybe aren't familiar with my work because it's harder and harder to stay on the bestseller lists for any length of time when you're not in KU. The KU-or-bust reader is not so much my target as the readers (like myself) who use KU as a means of testing new authors. If I like the authors I sample, I go on to buy their backlist for real. If I'm not impressed, no harm, no foul. Those are the people I'm after. In other words, I'm using KU to advertise to a readership that is increasingly hard for me to reach. At least as far as my backlist is concerned.

And backlist is the only thing going into KU. I'm putting together a selection of older titles—titles that I have already done many, many sales and giveaways on and that have been available across all vendors for years. Nothing new is going into KU. No one is getting a bargain that you, my longtime readers, haven’t already been offered multiple times.

(Includes The Dark Horse, A Vintage Affair, Blood Red Butterfly, Don’t Look Back, Lovers and Other Strangers, Cards on the Table)

This box set has been available for a while--and across all vendors--but it was priced at $9.99, which is still a really good deal, but... So it's retail price is temporarily slashed to $3.99 and the collection is currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

Metaphors and Murder: The Poetic Death series. 

Readers frequently ask about my mainstream pen name and titles, so for those of you who wondered or would like to sample some of my mainstream work, this collection is for you.

The Poetic Death series was originally published through Pocket Books. The books did well--they were ABA bestsellers, most of them were Romantic Times Top Picks, and the first book--High Rhymes and Misdemeanors--was a Mystery Guild Alternate. Nice, eh?

The books are fun. They're a quirky hybrid blend of cozy mystery and old-fashioned romantic suspense.  

Then we have Partners in Crime: 3 Classic Gay Mystery Novels.

Because the point of this exercise is to introduce my work to readers who might be unfamiliar with more than the latest release, I tried to pick three very different types of mystery, finally settling on a thriller, a cozy and a comic who-dunnit. The novels I selected were Winter Kill, Murder in Pastel, Somebody Killed His Editor.

Again, the box set is listed at $3.99 and the set is available in Kindle Unlimited for 90 days. 

And then finally, I've put together the first three Spanish translations of the Adrien English series into a box set called Los misterios de Adrien English. Again, $3.99 and available in Kindle Unlimited. (This one might actually remain at that price point because I do want to encourage and support the evolving market for Spanish translations of M/M Romance and Mystery.)

So there you have it. I apologize for any inconvenience to those readers who don't purchase through Amazon, but to reiterate, there is nothing new here and nothing that hasn't been available (though granted not at these prices) for a long time at all vendors.

In 90 days I’ll let you know what the results were and whether I think this second experiment with Kindle Unlimited was a success or a mistake.


  1. Miss Butterwith and I are definitely in the "try out new authors" category for KU to see if it is something we would purchase. We have found a few that are almost as good as catnip....
    And we've also found a few hairballs....
    Good luck on your experiment.

    1. Right? I typically return-to-owner at the three chapter mark. But I've been pleasantly surprised a few times and that's what I'm counting on.

  2. Didn't know there was confusion with the first post. Hmmm ... in any case, though I don't use it, I think you're right that KU is perhaps a good way to gain exposure to folks who only look at the best seller list. Also I don't see how or why long time fans may be offended or whatever. I have most of your digital books, audios, and am slowly getting the paperbacks. My ultimate wish would be to see The Adrien English series made into a fantastic miniseries. It happened to Outlander so a person can dream. ;)

    1. I frequently hear from readers who want to know why a particular deal has ended or why it was not made available to them. In every case the deal has been something going on for several months -- and generally something made available to everyone -- but... these are the times we live in. :-D

      I love the idea of the AE series as film. :-D

  3. I love KU for finding new authors! When I find a book/author I like through KU, I generally purchase the book and/or audiobook, but KU is a good way to try out new authors.

    Thank you for putting the Metaphors and Murders set on KU - and mentioning it here - because I have been wondering what other names you publish under. I immediately went to Amazon and snatched it...and then went to Audible and found the series there, as well! Neat!

    1. Well, see, that's the best case scenario then! :-)

  4. I downloaded both the English language sets and there were a couple of new-to-me stories in both. Now I'm binging the parts of your backlist I hadn't already read (I'd guess I already had about 1/3?). So the KU deal worked on me at least! :) thanks.

  5. I had no idea you had another pen name, so this is pretty awesome - and audio, even better!
    I do about 90% of my "reading" on audio nowadays, due to schedule issues getting time to myself to sit & read, so anything on audio is always a relief.

  6. I found your books through KU so it worked on one person, at least. I've found it a good way to find new authors as long as I'm willing to wade through many books that I may not like. I'm slowly working my way through your catalogue. :)