Friday, October 28, 2016

NEW RELEASE - Murder Between the Pages

New release this morning! Murder Between the Pages is a 1940s madcap mystery novella set in Concord, Massachusetts, the Birthplace of Literacy.


There are launch parties going on this weekend over at Facebook and Goodreads! Let's do launch! ;-)

Anyway, this is, as previously mentioned, historical (so if you don't like old black and white movies, you probably won't--WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?) and it's also, just for the next 90 days, an Amazon exclusive. I thought I would experiment with Kindle Unlimited, since we keep hearing all these stories about how no one can survive without it. I apologize in advance to those of you who don't purchase through Amazon.

Felix Day, author of the Constantine Sphinx mysteries, and Leonard Fuller, author of the Inspector Fez mysteries, are bitter rivals and the best of enemies. Both happen to be present when a notorious author of roman à clef is shot by an invisible assailant during a signing at historic Marlborough Bookstore.

Even if they weren’t both suspects, it’s the perfect opportunity to match wits and sleuthing skills.

If only the murderer was equally amused.

Harp tapped the point of his pencil on his notes. At last he raised his head and fixed me with a bleak and wintry stare. “Was Shelton blackmailing you?”

Me? No. Of course not.”

I realized too late the correct answer was what would he have to blackmail me about? But Harp already knew the answer to that.

“Tell me the truth. If he was, I’ll do what I can for you. You’ll go to prison, maybe the chair, but I’ll see that the truth doesn’t come out.”

I stared at him—gawked is probably the more accurate word—and then I began to laugh. At Harp’s change of expression I laughed harder. In fact, I had to put my hands over my face to try and smother the guffaws that threatened to tear out.

“Say,” Harp said, frowning. “Are you screwy, or are you just having some kind of fit?”

I shook my head, still gulping
“All right. All right.” Harp pulled open a couple of drawers and found a silver flask. He unscrewed the lid, sniffed the contents, and rose. He handed the flask across the desk to me.

I wiped my eyes, half rose to take the flask, and swigged down a couple of mouthfuls of rye. The liquor burned its way down my throat and splashed into my empty stomach. I felt slightly sick but more composed as I handed the flask back to Harp. He sniffed it a second time and then also took a quick swallow. He screwed the lid tight and placed the flask back in the drawer.

“Was that a confession?” he asked.

Unfortunately that started me all over again.

“For Christ’s sake!” Harp muttered.

I managed to get control of myself. “Sorry,” I said. I wiped my eyes again, sat up straight. “Why don’t you tell me what evidence you’ve got against me?”

Harp began to tell me.

You can buy this little amusement over at Amazon. I hope you enjoy it! 


  1. Congratulations on the new release!! (Who doesn't like old black and white movies?? Can they be trusted???) ;) I look forward to a wonderful read later tonight. Thanks, Josh!

  2. You're welcome, Karan! I hope you enjoy it. :-)

  3. I opened my Kindle at the gym and found that Murder Between the Pages had been delivered to me. I started reading while on the elliptical and by the end of the hour, had driven everyone else out of that room, what with the snorting and giggling.

  4. Any chance that this will turn into a screwy series?
    This was so good, but it also left me with a lot of questions about the charcters (like, they met on Sleepy Hollow Cemetery? Wtf? Tell me mooore!) and the wish for reading more pulp fiction.

  5. As always I have difficulties to leave your characters. More would be very, very welcome. I would love to read books written by Felix and Leonard. :-) You know, to compare them.

  6. Sounds lovely. Not able to use Kindle though. :-(