Friday, July 24, 2015

Checkpoint, Please Pull to the Left

Today’s blog is sort of a where are they now blog.

No, not really. It’s more of a…it’s Friday, I probably need to do some kind of update.

This has been the weirdest year -- starting with my sudden decision that me and the SO should pick up and move. But now that the move is mostly complete (meaning I think we will be shoveling out Christmas ornaments and pails of old paint from the soon-to-be-rental-property for the foreseeable future, but OTHERWISE…) and we are pretty much settled.

I have accepted that everything cannot be accomplished in the first two months, especially when I am writing another book. And I will be writing something for the rest of the year. That’s just the way it goes when you don’t write anything at the beginning of the year.

Interior and exterior, the house is beautiful. Well, okay, it's perfect for us. And I hope to show some of our “final” photos maybe next week (when my desktop comes back from the repair shop).

I’m having trouble working in my office though. I’m not sure why exactly, because I wrote most of Winter Kill in the new office, but for some reason Jefferson Blythe, Esquire is driving me to my old bad habits of slouching in comfy chairs and playing the TV in the background. Maybe because I’m channeling my inner New Adult. I’m not sure, but I decided this was not the time to fight that battle, and I’m currently holed up in the giant chair in front of the fireplace in the master bedroom.

I hasten to say that the fireplace is not in use. It’s probably 80 degrees out there right now, despite a pleasant breeze drifting in from the large, picture windows.

I love this house. I love the direction my life is taking…although I’m not exactly sure what that direction is. I know I was ready for some changes, and I’m driving that transition, and while I’m not sure of my ultimate destination, I’m happy.

From a creative standpoint, there’s a lot going on. A numberof title are going into audio this year. I’m producing six of them myself, including a six-novella box set, so that’s a lot of audio for those of you who love to listen. This is going to be a real experiment because I’ve only done one project since ACX/Audible changed the royalty structure. If these books do not earn out, then that’s probably the end of putting the backlist into audio. I’ll leave it to my publishers. But I’m optimistic. You seem to really enjoy the added dimension audio brings.

There are a couple of projects coming for sure this year. One, of course, is Jefferson Blythe, Esquire and the other is a previously published work which I’ll talk more about later. The PPW is one of my all time personal favorites, so I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it too. But then what? A short story for the Trevor Project, a possible essay on Joseph Hansen… I’m not sure what else there will be time for.
There’s the trip to Scotland at the end of September. Two weeks of a musical, magical mystery tour.

The Mermaid Murders is planned for January 1st so that will take up most of what’s left of the autumn. Is anything left of the autumn? And I’m working on a non-fiction project (again, too early to discuss).

So as updates go, I guess this is kind of vague.

It is a very productive time, but as I look over the list there’s a lot of experimental or simply very different stuff happening. There were a lot of projects I had originally planned for this year, but they just didn’t happen. And, as I begin to plan out next year, I find myself wondering if it’s realistic to schedule them for next year either?

There’s just so much going on, so much in flux. Every day feels different. Is this the way to run a writing career? I honestly am not sure. I continue to make it up as I go along.

So that’s me. What about you? We’re more than halfway through the year now. Is 2015 turning out as planned?  What has been the biggest surprise this year? 


  1. My biggest surprise is catching the house buying fever. I blame you. :-) It's a glorious, frustrating, exciting, maddening adventure. I'm not a bit sorry. It's something that I had had in the back of my mind for a long time. I'm happy to hear about the writing projects. And the PPW. I think when you're in flux, making it up as you go, only makes sense. When things are changing, as they seem to be, you don't want to not try all the options. How can you make an informed choice if you don't experience it all? So take your time, I'm willing to go with you on any journey you take. If we need to reverse course and start over again, I'm there. It'll be fun. If you're happy, that's half the battle. More than half, it just might be everything.

  2. I'm happy to hear you're finally settled down. And super happy about the audio side. I just love your audio and have been patiently waiting for a couple of sequel to come out on audio. So maybe soon ;)

  3. I'm happy to hear you're finally settled down. And super happy about the audio side. I just love your audio and have been patiently waiting for a couple of sequel to come out on audio. So maybe soon ;)

  4. It's very strange right now because my step dad has been having health issues which brought the realization that if something happens to him, I will have to move in with my mom because she does not drive. This has put any planning I might do in a state of limbo. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, cuz my work is stable and my relationship is stable so taking things day by day isn't a problem.
    I am looking forward to your PPW and the new works.
    Have a great weekend

  5. I'm so glad to hear all this positive things, especially about the house but obviously also about your writing projects.

    The fact that everything is moving is exciting! Plan according to your feeling and don't let anybody, including yourself ;-), push you!

    Have a relaxing weekend!

  6. Biggest surprise? Finding out that the new car I planned to buy turned into a set of tonsils I didn't know I had, that need to be removed. Doc bills trump new wheels. :p As for your work, I think as long as your moving, whatever the direction, as long as it's interesting to you, it's good. I know I'm as to see the PPW, as I am Jefferson Blythe and the Trevor Project work. It's all good for us. :) Just remember, “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” Enjoy yourself and your work...and your new home. Relax into it. It will all just happen.

  7. I go with you :-) ! I really, really admire, that you try out new storylines and sujets and not write the same story again and again. I love your style and I am very curious, it is always good to learn about new things and to think in another direction, as I would do, without new impulse. No big surprises for me this year, only that I am searching for a good pain therapy; I had not thought, that's so difficult and needed so much time. But it is a start to have more joy again.
    And I am really, really happy about your new audiobooks!!

  8. First of all, I love seeing you happy-busy, not desperate-busy. :-) It's been wonderful witnessing you falling in love with your new home and how happy this leap, this everyday adventure makes you. You've made some excellent, big choices this year and I'm sure you continue doing so as you go. I've always admired your ability to take chances when needed, to constantly challenge yourself and to explore new possibilities as a writer. Listen to your heart — and your wrists. They know what's good for you. Oh, and maybe better not to forget about the SO, either... :-D

    And I'm sure that your destination will take care of itself eventually. Just enjoy the moment, and see where your imagination and your inspiration takes you. Think about all the possibilities! Enjoy being adventurous — and we'll be adventurous with you. I can't wait to experience all the journeys you'll be taking us during the next years. Even reading this blog post makes me want to pack my imaginary suitcase. :-D All those new projects you mentioned sound very promising!

    Oh, and have fun channeling your inner New Adult. :-) If I'd have to do that I'd probably go back to eating mainly canned tuna and porridge... aaaaand now I have an irresistible urge to start playing Tetris. :-D I bet these new New Adults don't do that, though... ;-)

  9. I think you sound as happy as I did when we moved and I found the house that I loved Josh...all I can say is well as I've just realised as I have dropped back from full time to part time and joined a hobby at my husbands encouragement...aka you can't sit down all day when you retire so we're off to play golf this morning, anyway I released that we have never just been a couple cause we met..married and had kids 30 years ago and I'm learning golf and actually getting to know the man I fell in love with so it will be a new chapter in our lives.
    Hope you have a great rest of the year and things go just as you want them to.

  10. It's not the destination that is important, it is the journey along the way. As long as you are enjoying that, we will, too. I am thrilled you are enjoying your new home. It makes me smile every time you talk about it. All the audio books sound great, too. Your plans for the rest of the year are something I look forward to. It is National Tequila Day, so kick back on your patio and have a margarita or mojito.

  11. I envy you and commiserate at the same time. The changes are good, life stagnant isnt much life at all, but I commiserate with you having so much to do and not being able to do them as you wish. phrasing wrong> perhaps to much to do without the luxory of rest between> meh words fail again. this is why youre the writer and im a reader lol
    mb ya just need a bit to enjoy the new zone of your home. it could just be as easy as that? idk i cant imagine what it would be like being forced to write .. i mean creativity isnt like an assembly line right?
    already preorder the esquire tho, im rather akin to the joke of what do you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean...... a good start.
    and +insert politically correct cheer here+ great news on the audio formats. I dont prefer them but they add something different, when ya cant read but could listen. gl and grats again with the new home and the full wine rack .

  12. This year is my year to float and not make plans. Not even plans for dinner. I'm eating a lot of sandwiches.

  13. Perhaps you can't write in your office because it's too grown up, too mature, too settled a place to write the adventures of young adult. Maybe this thought is too CRAZY. 😊😊😊