Friday, January 3, 2014

Five Things I Love

It's time for another Five Things I Love post. We do these daily in my Goodreads group, but I like to do them here seasonally on the blog as well. The last time was in the autumn and we've had plenty to love since then!

So as before, I'm giving away five audio books. This time it's The Dark Tide, the fifth and final (at least for the foreseeable future) Adrien English novel. Share five things you like about winter in the comments below to be entered for the audio book giveaway. I won't pick the winners until Sunday night.

Five things I love about winter:

1 - Rain

2 - The holidays. Yes, I'm glad they're over, and in all honesty this wasn't the best set of holidays ever given that I was working and/or sick through them, but I still love the holiday season. The holly and jolly, the hustle and bustle, the hurly and burly -- er, wait. Wrong holiday, that last one. But still!

3 - Documentaries. True, I watch documentaries all the time, but I watch more of them in the winter. This week I watched Black Fish. Fascinating -- and let me just say I won't be sharing my tourist dollars with SeaWorld anytime soon.

4 - The feel of sunlight on my face. Somehow it's warmer, sweeter, softer in winter. Maybe it's the promise of spring.

5 - Reading. I read all year long, but reading is especially pleasurable in the winter, I think. There's something about wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and settling down in front of the fire with a drink and a book. Nothing beats it.

Now you. Five things you love about winter for a chance at winning The Dark Tide in audio.


  1. The wind when it's trying to blow my socks off and I'm all bundled up and not cold at all. Hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. Lacy frost-patterns on the windows. The way you can see the northern light on a really cold night. The funny way snot freezes in my nose when I walk to the bus stop; hilarious!

  2. 1. The sent of salt air coming off the Atlantic.

    2. Reading all I can of almost any genre.

    3. The stars on a winter night, the air is crisp and everything seems sharper.

    4. Hot cup of tea (salted caramel is my current favorite)

    5. The way my husband blushes when someone finds his joke funnier than he did.

  3. I think one can tell you live in California, Josh, especially since you include rain! I don't like winter, because I don't like cold or little sun, but I'll do my best:

    1. Snow. I love snow - love to see it through the window and go out and play in it. Really like the squeaky sound as I walk through it, and remembering the Enid Blyton books I read as a child in which the children tracked baddies - especially the one in which the footsteps in the snow went up to the front door but there were none going away!!

    2. Sun - when it comes - vital to keep my spirits up, and sometimes even warm.

    3. Fires - real or gas - with real flames. Very cosy.

    4. Feeding the birds - I love watching the variety and numbers of birds which come to be fed. And the antics of the squirrels trying to steal some for themselves.

    5. Struggling here. Oh: snowdrops, and other bulbs which come through just before it's officially spring!

  4. I love winter! And fall, and spring, but not summer, me and heat don't like each other much :-). Nothing beats being out in the crisp cold air with snow coming down, even when you are out shoveling snow. The smell and taste of hot mulled wine. 10 days off from work when everyone else is off so you don't have to freak about how much work will be piled up when you return. 10 days where you can read and read and read all bundled up on the couch with some hot mulled wine. And Christmas cookies, who doesn't love christmas cookies?

  5. Five things I like about winter –
    1. the Christmas codas – I loved all the codas I read in this blog and cherished the roller-coaster emotional rides they gave me.
    2. the wind – I adore wind, be it light or heavy. Granted the wind in winter is a bit chilly, but here in my city, it’s never so chilly that one cannot endure it. And I just love feeling the caress of breeze when lying under the warm sun.
    3. the red leaves – yes, we only have red leaves in winter, and they are spotted in only very few places, but I’m never tired of looking at them, and trying to discern one kind of red from another.
    4. the festivity – a long holiday is guaranteed though rest is not, but wherever you go, you get to feel the mood of festivity. Time to tune in to Snowman’s theme song (, my favorite winter song.
    5. the sleep – I sleep especially well in winter, like it is the season for sleep – why would anyone want to wake up and work in winter, at all? :D


  6. Ok here goes, 5 things I love about winter:
    #1 watching my dog when he realizes it's snowing out, he loves the snow and would stand outside all day watching it fall from the sky. I've never seen a dog so fascinated by snow.
    #2 curling up in my favorite chair with a good book and a hot cup of coffee while it's snowing outside and I can look out the window and see big fluffy flakes of snow gently falling.
    #3 the Christmas Holidays, I love Christmas. Putting up my decorations and baking goodies for my family.
    #4 A Muppets Christmas Carol, every year my family and I watch this while we decorated the Christmas tree, it's the only time any of us watch it and we sing along with the songs and recite the lines and just have a wonderful time together.
    #5 The smile on my husbands face when he comes in from work and realizes that I've made him minestrone soup for supper because it's been such an incredibly cold winter day, he loves my minestrone soup for him it's a bit of happiness in a bowl.

  7. 1. I love how the new snow looks on the trees.
    2. I love seeing the paw prints of visitors.
    3. I love the holidays.
    4. Reading is so much fun when it is snowing out.
    5. My birthday is in the winter. I enjoy that as well.

  8. My winter loves:
    1. the snow (that we don't have this winter,sadly) because everything: the streets, the trees, traffic lights, parks, county side, even people seam surreal, clean, bright, sparkly in the morning Sun
    2. hot red wine with sugar and cinnamon in the evening with friends
    3. Christmas feel, Christmas lights, Christmas tree... well you get the idea :)
    4. to enter my warm home after long day at work
    5. oranges, somehow they taste better in winter


  9. 1. The smell of wood smoke in the air from fireplaces in our neighborhood. Our house has a gas fireplace and while very convenient, doesn't have the proper scent.
    2. The hope of a "snow day" off work (yes, I'm still 12 years old at heart).
    3. The way my 2 Labs go extra crazy running around the backyard when it's cold outside. They make me laugh so hard.
    4. Being bundled on the couch with my down throw, a cup of Constant Comment and reading or watching old movies.
    5. Sweaters (a/k/a jumpers). I love wearing soft, warm wool sweaters in the winter.

    P.S. Josh, I already have The Dark Tide in audio, so please exclude me from the contest.

  10. Hi Josh,

    Five things I love about winter in no particular order:

    1. Watching snow falling outside, from inside my apartment where I am cozy and warm.

    2. Getting myself out and back to Starbuck's quickly with my morning's skim latte.

    3. Making steel cut oatmeal with added blueberries and raspberries. Yum!

    4. Knowing I can work from home when it is cold, raining, or snowing, if that is my choice.

    5. Reading a great book curled up on my couch. Actually this is a favorite in any season. :)


  11. 1. The cat, who is currently sitting at my back, purring. He's my little cheek-nuzzler. Love him to death, even if he does leave a fine carpet of fur on everything.

    2. Cool fronts. Yesterday it was 86 degrees F and humid. Today, it's 64 and I just want to sing for the joy of it. Now, if it could just get into the 40s... (I live in South Florida, where the heat can get monotonous.)

    3. Toast with peanut butter and sliced banana. One of my weaknesses, good for breakfast and bedtime snack.

    4. Earl Grey tea. To go with the above. Mmmm.

    4. Clary sage essential oil. Sweet, earthy, sage-y.

    1. Just wanted to add that it's so lovely reading everyone else's comments, all the snow and crisp air and snuggly warmth! Makes me smile. :)

      --Christine (would have posted a separate comment instead of a reply to my own, but didn't want to seem like I was trying to get into the drawing twice!)

  12. 1. Vanilla scented candles in the non working fireplace

    2. Reading under the duvet in a cold morning

    3. Dog walking in snow covered Hampstead Heath

    4. Waking up to the sound rain - and realising it's Saturday

    5. Hot Earl Grey tea with a slice of lemon and lots of honey.

  13. Hi everyone, Happy New Year! The 5 things I love about Winter are:
    1. Hot chocolate with lots of marshmellows
    2. Not having to work because of a snow day
    3. The weird twilight sky when it snows at night
    4. Feeling like a 4 year old kid again during those first five seconds when I look outside and see snow covered everything and
    5. Sleeping under three blankets and feeling warm, safe, and cozy.

  14. 1. Reading on a cold, snowy evening.
    2. Making snowmen, snow women, and snow animals too.
    3. The smell of baking that goes along with the holidays and cold temperatures
    4. The lights from all the holiday decorations.
    5. The quiet. The quiet of snow.

  15. I love reading everyone's lists. No need to include me in the giveaway, just wanted to take a minute and add my list among the others. :-)

    1. Drinking hot chocolate or glögi (spiced mulled wine) — especially after spending time outside in the cold

    2. Snow sculpturing and making snowmen (oh, and making snow angels!)

    3. Warm blankets and nesting under them (preferably with a book in hand)

    4. Candlelight

    5. The tranquil and hopeful feel of the Holidays. Also the fact that the amount of the daylight will increase after the winter solstice. Gives you hope, that. :-)

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  17. 1. Starring at the frosty patterns on my windows until they form a picture.

    2. Wear warm homemade mittens and scarves.

    3. Hoodie footie fleece pajamas.

    4. Making snow angels.

    5. Warming my nose on his neck as he holds me close.

  18. 1. Snow Days!!! (Even if I have to use a personal day.)
    2. Hot Chocolate/Hot Tea/Mulled Wine
    3. Cold Weather Comfort Cooking - soups, casseroles, baking
    4. Christmas Lights!!!
    5. Code Blue Success. (My Coworkers rock!)

  19. Five things I love about winter?

    The Christmas magic of the season,
    soft snow where the kids can build snowmen,
    hot Cocoa mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,
    the way the hoar frost sparkles on the trees,
    and because it gets dark out early the kids and I can cuddle up for more down time :)

  20. 1. Fresh snow
    2. Homemade vegetable soup
    3. Warm, cozy socks
    4. More time to read (hopefully!)
    5. Yorkshire Gold tea - my new favorite

  21. 1. Christmas
    2. Hot Chocolare
    3. Reading
    4. Sledding
    5. Early into PJs
    (No particular order)

  22. five things I love about winter:
    1. the hard squeak-crunch sound snow makes under my boots when the temperature is below zero.
    2. the frost on my boyfriend's beard, growing with every cloudy breath, when the temperature is below zero
    3. how clear and bright the stars are--I can see the Little Dipper!-- on a cloudless night when the temperature is below zero
    4. driving on a frozen lake, confident the ice is two feet thick, when the temperature is below zero
    5. cuddling up by the fire with Bailey's in my hot chocolate, knowing I don't have to go out when the temperature is below zero

  23. 1. Waking up the morning after a snow storm and viewing the beauty of it all before the onslaught of storm clean up begins
    2. Making snow angels in freshly fallen snow
    3. Sleeping on my Northern Nights flannel sheets
    4. Watching Figure Skating - Ice Dancing on the TV
    5. Getting the mass communication vm a from my employer that the office is closed due to inclement weather conditions - like today :-)

    I am already a member of Audible, but wanted to share and join the fun; I love to read the favorites that make everyone smile.

  24. Five things I love about winter:
    1. Cheesy holiday movies
    2. A fresh blanket of clean, white snow
    3. Talking (complaining) about the weather…did you know the MN governor already closed schools for next Monday because it will be too freakin' cold, roughly -25F ?
    4. Cutting out paper snowflakes with my kids. We don't seem to do that in the summer.
    5. Shoveling, but only if the snow is less than 2" deep. I'm not a masochist.

  25. 5 Things I Love About Winter-
    1- The silence of our neighborhood street wrapped in fogy mist that creates a feeling of a quiet cocoon.
    2- Bundled up in my favorite soft and fuzzy robe reading the evening’s away in my recliner.
    3- The crisp, clean, sea filled air from off the sound.
    4- Catching up on all my favorite TV shows on “On Demand”, which I only get the chance to do in the colder months.
    5- Not having to turn on a fan or the air-conditioner when I have hot flash, and not having them as often!!

  26. Ooh, winter. I have to think, because we’re sweltering over here in the southern hemisphere right now and winter was a long time ago. Let me see.
    1. Walking in the rain
    2. The gas fire
    3. Fog dimming the streetlights outside my window
    4. Milk coffees. I love a latte; wrapping my hands around the glass, inhaling the coffee aroma. (I can’t drink too much hot milk coffee in hot weather.)
    5. Walking, because it’s easier to walk in the cold than it is in the hot.

  27. 1. Hoodies. Those magical suddenly outside, inside, work, and pyjama approprite material in winter.
    2. Food. Summer in Kuwait is almost 7 months, and we only get real cold for two weeks, so It's always a joy to be able to justify eating sp many hot pies, stews and drinking lots of hot chocolate.
    3. Rain. The smell of, the visual of and the sound of rainfall.
    4. Semester end and vacation time!
    5. Bundling up on a rocking chair and reading while trying to keep warm.

  28. Five things I love about winter:
    1) Breathing in, and feeling cleansed by, the winter wind.
    2) The thrill of eating ice cream outside.
    3) Waking up to snow!
    4) Coming in from the cold and sitting against a hot radiator.
    5) Frosty mornings.

  29. Wool blankets

    The cats sleeping on me when it gets really cold at night (like purring, furry heating pads . . . .)

    Winter Solstice Ritual (candles and holly and friends in the darkness . . . . )

    Holiday lights

    The way the trees sparkle after an ice storm

  30. 5 things I love about winter, when we are lucky enough to have a snowy winter.
    1. Sitting inside with a fire looking out on a snowstorm with a cup of good tea.
    2. Making snow sculptures.
    3. Walking on the ice over the lake in the sun with the dogs and see them run around and play.
    4. Watch my fuffy angorabunnies making tunnels and little path trough the deep snow and then standing on there tiptoes to see over the snow for new ways.
    5. Come in from a long walk, snuggle down under a quilt in the sofa with hot chocolate, saffron buns and a good audiobook.

  31. These are wonderful. Every single one of these has is a pleasure to read. :-)

  32. 1. Hearing the rain pattering against the windows when all the family is at home and there is nowhere we have to be.
    2. Christmas lights and sparkles.
    3. Having a drink at 4pm because... what? It's dark outside! ;)
    4. Going to bed early to save on heating bills.
    5. Rum in my coffee to keep away the winter chill.

  33. 1. The snow (except when I have to drive in it, but what can you do?)
    2. Visiting with family
    3. The holiday goodies!
    4. Curling up under fuzzy blankets with a good book
    5. Snuggling in bed at night and burrowing under the blankets