Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Yabba Dabba Do Dah Contest

So to my great surprise I'm in one of the final rounds over at Dear Author -- the Elite Eight. I'm the last m/m author and one of the last ebook authors, I believe, and I'm up against a Berkley Sensation author (NOT that there's anything wrong with that) who has been campaigning tirelessly to win what is apparently the biggest deal of her young life. ;-D

I would offer you my first born child if I had one, but...I don't. And anyway, the truth is, I'd be making all kinds of stipulations that you send him to college and make sure he gets proper religious upbringing and exposure to plenty of cultural variety and vitamin D...anyway, much, MUCH easier all around if I just say, I have nothing to bribe you with, but if you would like to offer a vote of support for ebooks and m/m fiction, it would be nice to at least make a respectable showing.

You needn't register or anything, you just click and vote and the website registers you as having voted. And as I am currently getting my butt kicked...well, a kick in the butt for me is a kick in the butt for m/m and ebooks, and that's a shame.

So here's the place to go and vote. And if you can find those three seconds in your heart of hearts, I thank you. And my first born child, somewhere unrealized in the stars, also thanks you.


  1. I was voting like mad! Sorry about the loss, but exciting Fair Game got that far... I was hoping for the win...

  2. I was really happy with how well I did! Thanks for the votes. It was crazy but fun. ;-D

  3. I'm so glad that you included the link. I wanted to vote but was clueless as to what the heck was going on. I was able to vote in time, but I gather from the comment above, it wasn't enough! Congrats for getting that far!

  4. Thanks, Lisa! Next time (if there ever is a next time) I'll be more organized about the whole thing. I had no idea how fun it would turn out to be.