Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book Trailer for Snowball in Hell

I think authors are as bewildered as anyone else as far as what works for promotion and what doesn't. I don't know that book trailers sell books, but they're relaxing to work on. What's not to enjoy about matching pictures to music and mulling over the important elements of your story?

Anyway, I worked on three trailers yesterday, and this one is the only one that seemed acceptable to me. (The SO looked at it and said, the music should have been the music of the era, but I really like the juxtaposition here -- and the soundclip, a bit of a song, by Muse, is absolutely perfect for Nathan's state of mind.)

Anyway. Voila.

Not sure if this will show up on LJ or not, so you might have to pop over to Blogger to view...


  1. It's a great trailer, played just fine, and I liked the song. Good story too, and congrats on it's new release.

  2. Very nice video... I'm reading this now and should finish it tonight... I can't wait to see what happens! Love you! ~ Tom'

  3. Thanks very much, Tom! I'm delighted you're enjoying this one.