Sunday, May 7, 2017

Oh My Aching Back!

These might actually work
I'm way behind in updates and people are starting to get alarmed, so here's the update: I'm much better both mentally and physically. (Hopefully I didn't just jinx my recovery.)

Basically, I was recovering from that painful bout of sciatica (or so I thought) but progress seemed to be slow--I had this really awful limp if I walked any distance--and I thought I probably needed to push myself a bit more. Activity is actually good for sciatica. So is strengthening your core. I figured I needed a lot more of both. Which is how after a day of swimming, gardening and kung fu exercises I ended up in the emergency room.

That was a surreal experience. Happily, the memory is pretty foggy. Essentially, they were unable to help me. The injection they gave for pain had--I'm not exaggerating--zero effect. The pills they gave for pain, inflammation, spasm...were all ineffective. I could not eat, sleep or stay in one position for more than thirty seconds, and that went on for days. Three days, to be exact. I had three days of--again, not exaggerating--sheer agony before I was finally able to get in and see a GP.

Continental Plate?
The long and the short of it is three days of physical therapy a week for the next month and pain killers that actually work--but leave me mentally fuzzy (which is not optimum when you earn your living writing). I can eat, sleep, sit and even walk again. In fact, thanks to years of yoga and kung fu, I'm actually pretty flexible and still have excellent range of motion (to the astonishment of my physical therapist who says the patch of inflammation stretching from my back to my hip is as big as a continental plate).

There's nothing life-threatening here and I honestly feel silly even talking about it, except that my sudden disappearance needs some explanation.

Because sitting is really bad for sciatica, I'm using my chair time for writing--and basically abandoning all social media for now. Some lovely friends are filling in for me on my Facebook wall with great posts about writing and reading mysteries, and I know my Goodreads group always has lots to chat about whether I'm there or not. I'm not really responding to email right now.

That's where things stand at the moment. Marlowe the Evil Mastermind Puppy is doing great--he took advantage of my weakened state to start sleeping with us, but that's okay--The Monet Murders is coming along, slowly but surely, which is how I'm coming along. Slowly but surely.

1222222222222222222222222222qww (That's Marlowe signing off for both of us till the next time.)



  1. So sorry to hear about the awful pain. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, and it sounds like things are on the right track. Please take care, dear Josh. And i'm glad Marlowe's doing well and, um, enjoying blogging ;-) *hugs*

  2. Darling Josh,

    Wishing and praying you get fully restored ASAP! This has been going on for far too long. I am so glad you are finally getting some relief with the right meds and therapy. Physical therapists can be a godsend. I hope yours can work miracles.

    Take good care of yourself and for now, please resist the urge to go on any more hikes! :)

    Love to you and The Evil Mastermind.

  3. I've known people with sciatica and that it can be quite painful, also that it can come and go depending on the activity. Glad you are doing better! I'm sure Marlowe deserves some thanks for that as well...what a cutie-pie!
    BTW loved "Fair Chance" and I'm reading (and loving) TCOTBS right now...such fun!....
    Also, I did not see a PB version for The Monet Murders???Too soon???

  4. It hurts me to read about three days of agony, but I am relieved that you have seen a GP and now have the right pain killers and physical therapy!
    Take care, my dear! ♡♡♡

  5. I sincerely hope that you have the worse behind you.
    I send you lots of good vibrations ;-)



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  7. Yes, ER experiences are surreal. Stay away! :) Wishing you a full and expedited recovery. We miss you, Karen

  8. If you are not careful, the kitten or puppy will take over the world. :p

  9. That must have been quite scary and as you said pretty painful. I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope you go back at 100% soon. We 're all thinking of of you !

  10. I'm so glad you've been able to get some relief. Hopefully the more PT you do the less pain meds you'll have to take. Be careful and take care of yourself!

  11. Glad to know you are okay and doing better. Please take care. =)

  12. So I'm guess when they say activity is good for your condition, they probably mean to work back into it...Maybe one activity and build up. Slow and steady! Sorry to hear you are experiencing this, but glad you are on the mend. Take care of yourself. There is only one you.


    PS sit/stand stations are all the rage right now and good for your back. Just a thought.