Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Things I Love

Well, it's that time again. Although I have lots to blog about, I don't have time because I'm trying to finish up "The Parting Glass," and I'm working on that famous and mysterious holiday project. So in the spirit of just taking time to concentrate on the good stuff, I thought I'd list some things I love -- and if you take the time to list five things you love, I'll enter you in a drawing for an audio download of one of my books.

So here we go. Five things I love.

1 - The Cat Returns.

2 - Talenti gelato in Sea Salt Caramel flavor.

3 - Snow Globes. I know it's too early to be thinking of snow globes, but I love them all the same.

4 - Hawaiian hazelnut coffee. I only drink it in the summer, so I'm down to my last cups now.

5 - Opening to the first page of a new book.

What do you love? List your five things in the comments below.


  1. 1. Getting a sequel for a book with a pair of characters I really loved.
    2. Looking at small kittens learning to walk.
    3. Chocolate ice cream.
    4. Getting something (usually a program) done and seeing it work properly for a first time.
    5. Being able to sleep late :D

  2. 1. Getting sucked into a brand new series you can't put down.
    2. My ipad mini
    3. Ceiling fans
    4. Fall things(although I love summer) I love pumpkin picking, apple cider donuts, etc.
    5. My wonderful family :)
    (In no particular order)

  3. 1. old cookbooks
    2. also Talenti gelato sea salt caramel (or talenti mango sorbet)
    3. when the wind is from the east and my neighborhood smells like salty ocean air
    4. tacky fun disco music
    5. the sound of my kids laughing

  4. 1. Snuggling in bed on a rainy morning, drinking coffee and reading
    2. Red wine and dark chocolate
    3. Hugs from my kids
    4. Vanilla - ice cream, scents, flavor
    5. The smell of a baking pumpkin pie

  5. 1. Fall! fall weather, fall festivals, college football and soccer...
    2. audiobooks
    3. donuts from (locally owned)
    4. The Avett Brothers
    5. pinterest fails:

  6. 1. Brownies so moist you need a fork to eat them, almost like they're fudge.
    2. My friends.
    3. Crowning moments of glory, when a downtrodden character rises up and smacks down the Bad Guys (verbally or otherwise).
    4. Playing with new gadgets (software counts as gadgets!).
    5. Morning dew like strewn diamonds on green, green grass.

    (And you can skip me on consideration of the audiobook give-away, since I'm pretty certain I already own everything you've audio-published. Unless it's something totally new, in which case -- yes, please!)

  7. Such a fun post!

    1. Snuggles with my daughter
    2. My wedding ring
    3. My Kindle
    4. The smell of freshly baked bread
    5. Good hair days - which in TX, are few and far between ;-)

  8. 1. Re reading chapter eighteen in Death of a Pirate King
    2. A cat purring
    3. Ellen (DeGeneres)'s laugh
    4. A rainstorm while I'm safely sleeping in my bed
    5. Grom's icecream

    Tha last one is an Italian brand, but you can find it in Malibu too.. :-)

  9. In no particular order:

    1. Sitting by the ocean, watching and hearing the waves crash against the rocks.
    2. Starbuck's triple venti skim latte.
    3. A brisk walk on a cool, sunny day.
    4. Lasagna
    5. Reading a Josh Lanyon story for the first time.

  10. 1. The smell of Fall...the fallen leaves, the smoke from tobacco barns, crisp early mornings, etc.
    2. College Football!
    3. Playing/snuggling with my 2 Labs
    4. Reading a new book by a favorite author :-)
    5. Nutella crepes from the Latin Qtr. in Paris

    *I have all your audiobooks, you can take me off your giveaway list (unless it's for a future audiobook, of course!). :-D

    1. Just in case y'all aren't familiar with tobacco barns or the process of smoking the tobacco leaves in barns in the Fall. :-)

    2. Sorry to overload with tobacco barn info, but I just found this link and the guy describes the scent very well (and amusingly). :-)

  11. 1. Snuggling with my dog
    2. The first sip of tea in the morning
    3. Reading a good book
    4. The smell and feel of fall in the air
    5. Chocolate cake!?!

  12. 1. Staying in bed on a Sunday morning with the newspapers, my kindle and coffee
    2. Sitting around the table with family and friends, talking all night
    3. Watching a cute movie with my kids.
    4. Discovering a new author with new stories to tell
    5. Hiking

  13. 1. Smart storytellers
    2. Listening to music I love
    3. When my kids make me laugh
    4. Time spent with my mom
    5. Walks with my husband...and doing lots of other things with him too! ;)

    (I already won a previous audiobook contest, so no need to consider me for the give-away.)

  14. 1. Unexpected kindness
    2. Everything smelling like verbena and lemongrass
    3. Stories that end with hope
    4. Stubble
    5. Old typewriters

    What a great post, Josh. Thank you so much for asking us to do this. I loved reading everyone's lists! There were so many this that made me smile happily. And by the way, I love Snow Globes, too. :)

    Also... no need to enter me in a drawing, because I already have all your audiobooks.

    1. What? No men in sweaters on your list? ;-)

    2. Heh. ;) They'll be on my list today — I'm planning to do a list/day from now on. Made me feel so good. How lovely to pause for a while in the middle of a busy day to appreciate the things that bring joy. To unwind and to recharge. :)

      And I'm definitely going to do this exercise with my students next week.

    3. I did this for a year or so and it really helps you to focus on the good things in life. :-) Everytime I encountered something I liked or that made me feel good I would put it on the list. It kind of evolved into a diary of things I love.

      Johanna wrote: And I'm definitely going to do this exercise with my students next week.

      Teachers! You gotta love them! Why has nobody put them on their list? :-D

    4. A diary of things you love! How cool. :)

      And about teachers... I bet there is some list we can be listed on — only I'm afraid it's not this one. LOL. ;)

  15. * learning something new
    * reading in open air (preferably in summer)
    * goldhamsters
    * ice skating
    * starry nights

    Ditto on the "no need to enter me in a drawing, because I already have all your audiobooks". :-)

  16. I love that I get to see DH tonight after nearly six weeks of separation due to his new job. Hopefully after this, he'll be home every weekend.

    I love that the new job means he's not active duty Army any more, and he's in a Reserve unit which means we still have all the military benefits but he's non-deployable so I don't have to worry about him leaving.

    I love that Friday night means homemade pizza, and my family prefers my homemade pizza over store bought any day.

    I love that I own enough books that sometimes, going back and rereading is almost like reading for the first time because it's been so long!

    I love surprise boxes in the mail (I got one today!)

    1. Forgot to add, no need to enter me in the drawing; I don't do audiobooks!

  17. 1. The taste of ice cream on a hot summer's day.

    2. The sense of wonder when walking through a museum or park and observing the surroundings, whether they are artifacts or animals.

    3. Falling in love with a good book.

    4. The warm feeling when my cat licks my hand and snuggles up with me while reading.

    5. Spending the day with people I love, no matter what we end up doing.

  18. 1. Sitting on the lanai in Maui, listening to the waves, and reading a book.
    2. Sitting on the patio in Florida, smelling the ocean air, watching the lizards EVERYWHERE, and reading a book.
    3. Walking through a forest in a temeprate climate (I.E. NOT Oklahoma) and listening to an audiobook.
    4. Driving to work in the morning right at sunup and watching the wildlife - turkeys, egrets, the odd coyote, and listening to an audiobook.
    5. Staying up late (even on a work night) to finish a really good book.

    I also have all your audiobooks, Josh, so give to someone else. :) - Susinok

  19. 1) Spending time with my sisters.
    2) The beautiful sound of a piano.
    3) Potatoes - especially chips and crisps.
    4) When something good happens that's completely and wonderfully unexpected.
    5) Walking through frosty grass on a winter morning.

    I also don't need to be entered in the audio giveaway - just wanted to be part of this lovely, happy thread! (^O^)

  20. 1. The smell and taste of my first coffee mug of the day.
    2. Drawing/retouching/painting, my softwares, my Wacom, and my "traditional" art tools.
    3. Watching snow falling.
    4. Driving and singing out loud (surely out of tune) and/or driving and swearing at everything.
    5. Fall/winter cheese recipes and white wines (tartiflette, raclette, Mont d'Or...)

  21. 1) Memories of my mother.
    2) The scent of coming rain.
    3) Getting time to read a new book or an old favorite.
    4) When I complete a DIY project w/o a hitch.
    5) Spending time with a friend.

  22. 1. I love because it reignited in me my passion for reading; found the time to listen which lead me to find the time to read.

    2. I love a porterhouse steak grilled to perfection; who am I kidding I love food.

    3. I love my annual Girls Weekend Away in October; year 24 and still enjoying the company of wonderful friends

    4. I love HGTV; because it shows me that creativity is endless

    5. I love life; over the top maybe but I am so blessed...children, family and friends

    Thx Josh ...for allowing me to share, as always it was fun! No entry for me I am a faithful audi listener...waiting to use my credits on AE book 4 and 5:-)

  23. Oh, happy things for a Friday afternoon after a stressful week. Love it!

    1)My horse.
    2)The way the arrow leaves my bow and springs off my fingers when I know I've shot dead-on, whether I'm on foot or in the saddle.
    3)Singing in the shower.
    4)Cooking for friends who appreciate the effort and make obligatory 'yummy' noises.
    5)The Catskills, anytime of the year.

  24. As I'm typing this, I'm glancing at all the snow globes on one of my shelves... ;-) (Please count me out of the drawing too please)

    1. Kissing
    2. My bond with my dog
    3. The smells of a (well kept)horse barn
    4. Basking in - and appreciating - the wonders of a beautiful day
    5. Darren Hayes singing a cappella. Or him doing anything, really.

  25. Five things I love: (stopping at 5 is going to be hard but I'll try)
    1. Kissing my husband (he still curls my toes)
    2. Reading
    3. Snowmen (I have some that stay out all year round,
    they hold cookies even)
    4. Drinking coffee with a friend and laughing over
    the craziness that is life.
    5. Being with my husband and kids (son & his partner)
    they are 3 of the most incredible people to grace
    my life)

  26. Lovely posts! Here are mine:
    1. My family (every single one of them)
    2. A blue sky with white clouds scattering around above the sea just outside my window - my all time favorite scenery
    3. Reading a wonderful story (right now, In Sunshine Or In Shadow)
    4. Planning for a trip (sometimes the anticipation is even better than the trip itself!)
    5. A good meal (love all kinds of food as long as they are good)

    Are you going to release Armed & Dangerous? Can't wait!!


    1. Josh, you know Hayao Miyazaki is retired, right? He's certainly to be missed. Somehow I doubt his son, or any other, for that matter, can work up to his standard. But retirement is inevitable, and at least we can resort to rewatching all his legacy. I love all his films!


  27. Ooh this sounds fun. Here is my list, starting at No. 5 :)

    5. Christmas music (One of the bigger reasons I enjoy Christmas time. It's the music! )

    4. The smell of coffee brewing. ( I see others also listed coffee as well :). I'm not so big on the taste, unless it's in desserts, but I love the smell!)

    3. I love the sound of heavy rain and thunder. (I find this extremely calming, enough that I tend to go to this site - - and turn the volume all the way up when I want to decompress lol)

    2. Getting a package in the mail. Even if I bought it and know what it is lol.

    1. And most of all, I love love love the sound of the Cello. Especially when it's played in the mid to deeper range. I don't know why but to me it has the most masculine sound and presence of all the violin family members.

    To my dismay, A lot of the cello solos are in the higher string range :( lol.
    Here's a good example of the lower notes though.

    Oh! and a little extra featuring the Capu├žon brothers playing one of my favorite compositions. So lovely.

    This was so fun! Thanks Josh for making think about what my list of favorite things was. :)

  28. * Reading
    * Sea (-breeze, -sound, -view, -food)
    * Wining and dining with small food like tapas and someone else is cooking
    * Tea with anything chocolaty
    * Friends & family

    Preferably all at the same time. I love this post, thanks Josh.

  29. 1. My cats, Maddie and Brandi. The unconditional love they give me every day always brightens and lifts my heart even on the darkest day.

    2. Taking a walk around the lake and reveling in the beauty of the plants and animals as they're revealed to me.

    3. Reading...just reading everything and everything, especial my favorite authors.

    4. Taking a photo trip, getting home, down loading them, and discovering that one perfect photo that represents my thoughts and feelings perfectly.

    5. The joy I feel when my husband, who suffers from dementia, turns to me and tells me he loves me.

    Josh, thank you for the chance to list some of the things that I love. I have all of your audio books but I'm definitely waiting for the next AE book.


  30. - Coffee with milk, no sugar (addict here :))
    - Sunflowers
    - Bookstores with new/old/on-sale books, my favorite one has a coffee machine with free coffee for all the buyers (two birds,one stone)
    - Music
    - Road trips

    I can't remember last time some asked me something as thoughtful and sweet as this :). Thank you!


  31. 1) A new book (or story) from a favorite author--and the time to read it.
    2) A cool fall evening, my recliner, my blankie, and that new book.
    3) Driving down into the park on a sunny fall day after the leaves have changed color and then stopping for apples and donuts.
    4) A carafe of hot coffee, the Sunday paper, and no interruptions.
    5) Being in the mood to bake (sour cream coffecake--yum!).

  32. Catherine September 21, 2013 at 4:40 pm
    1)Grumpy Cat Book
    2)the tunnels coming east out of Seattle
    3)A Rainy day with a great gay mystery and a cat in my lap
    4)Gandhi -"be the change you wish to see in the world"
    5)my best friends laugh:)

  33. 1. Old dogs, 2. Old trees. 3. Hayao Miyazaki's movies, and I have all of them that have been released in US, 4.A hot bold cup of coffee, Columbian is always a safe bet, 5. A thunderstorm that takes my breath away.

  34. 1. Books, books and more books...
    2. Staying in bed (reading) until mid afternoon, and not feeling guilty about it
    3. Holidays in new places (with my trusty ereader)
    4. Having a long lazy bath with lots of bubbles and a gorgeous view over the ocean (with a book)
    5. My husband's home made pancakes with real maple syrup while reading a favourite book


    1. 1) Snow
      2) "The Professionals" - Bodie/Doyle
      3) Books
      4) The Buffalo Bills
      5) A new story from Josh Lanyon!

  35. 1. Sipping coffee while eating chocolate.
    2. My golden retriever's soft ears
    3. Brisk, blue-sky, need-a-sweater days in October.
    4. The smell of a new book (they just don't smell the same on a Kindle)
    5. Symphony music in the park, accented with buzzing insects and rustling leaves.

  36. 1. Very hot, sweet coffee.
    2. Cats, especially talkative ones.
    3. Cookbooks with pictures.
    4. The moon in all phases--even the invisible one.
    5. Being on the dance floor at a wedding--so much better than going to a club.

  37. 1. big sky vistas of New Mexico/Western states
    2. crusty bread with crumbly cheese and a glass of red wine
    3. dramatic thunderstorms, heard/viewed from a sheltered spot : )
    4. dancing a favorite tango song with a favorite partner in a favorite venue
    5. reading, sharing, discussing a good book

  38. 1. Music.
    2. Reading― a voracious eclectic reader since I read my first Bobbsey Twins mystery―age eight.
    3. Lady and the Tramp, the first movie I saw at a downtown theatre in Philadelphia―age six―thought I was so grown.
    4. Original Philly Cheesesteaks, hoagies, and TastyKakes. (displaced Philadelphian)
    5. Living in the Arizona desert.

  39. Antonella loves:

    1) eating dark chocolate in the sun
    2) reading in bed in the morning
    3) dancing (rock, soul, pop, disco)
    4) listening to the wind in the trees in my garden, especially on a windy day
    5) visiting friends

  40. What a relaxing idea:

    *the smells and sounds of a grove of golden Aspens in early autumn
    *all of my students - past, present and future (even the PITA ones)
    *sitting alone in the nearly-empty Roman Forum at sunset in early summer
    *alternating sips of good Italian coffee with great Italian wine
    *the firm curves of my man's fine bum

    Yup, smiling...

  41. Things I love:

    1. Reading a Josh Lanyon novel.
    2. The smell of wet earth and recently fallen snow.
    3. The sharp taste of fresh brewed coffee and well-aged wine and sharing those moments with my husband.
    4. Finishing up a project where I produce something (like a paper, a sweater, a piece of embroidery).
    5. My son's voice when he is pleased about something.

  42. These are so wonderful. I'm going to make the Five Things I Love giveaway a seasonal post on this blog. Reading through your comments was genuinely uplifting.