Thursday, March 8, 2012

Come Unto These Yellow Sands Vs THE WORLD!!!

So I've changed the blog header to reflect the season. I know it's not officially spring for a couple of weeks, but frankly, we never really had a winter this year. Unless Mother Nature has something wet and icy up her flowing sleeve, I believe it's safe to call it.


I guess I should offer a full sabbatical update. Maybe later this week or this weekend? I have been busy, but to be perfectly honest, it's been pretty dull so far. Two years worth of taxes and a refi on the house, a lot of paperwork to catch up on (STILL catching up on), judging a couple of literary awards, and the business of getting all these reverting titles back into play under my own imprint.

Imprint sounds a bit grand. I mean...under my own name.

Anyway, several more titles will be coming back to me this spring -- and I'll also begin reacquiring print titles (though I haven't quite decided what to do with them yet).

Really that doesn't seem much to show for three months, does it? I cleared out the bedroom closets! That should count for something.

Ah! I did have a purpose in starting this blog! Just in case you suspected my mind was beginning to wander. Come Unto These Yellow Sands (which I personally think is one of my all time best efforts) has been nominated in this year's DABWAHA.

The GLBT field is especially tough this time around, but I still think I've got a fair shot. Anyway, the madness and mayhem begin this Sunday. You can find out more about how the whole thing works right here.

It was a lot of fun last time, I have to admit. Mostly because of the lengths readers were willing to go to for their favorite books and authors. Well, not just readers! Authors too. :-D

Anything could happen this time -- and probably will. Stay tuned!


  1. I think sabbaticals are supposed to be on the dull side - very hard to recharge if you're running your batteries down doing lots of things. If you cleaned the bedroom closests in only three months you are one amazing cleaner - I have one that I haven't opened in more than a year and I am afraid to see what is actually in there.

  2. The *real* challenge will be when I get to the much-postponed library and office.

  3. Now I feel like I should come up with some crazy stunt to support you...Voting isn't enough?