Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snowball in Hell re-release

Yesterday saw the re-release Snowball in Hell. Snowball is a noirish novella set around Christmas time in 1943. It's one of my personal favorites as far as my work goes, and I'm delighted to see it get a second lease on life with Carina Press not least, because this enables me to write the series I was longing to write for these two.

Look for more Doyle and Spain stories starting in 2012.

To celebrate, I'm blogging in a couple of places, and giving some cool stuff away in contests. The first place to stop and help me celebrate is over at Not The Usual Suspects. We're playing match the author to the first line of a classic piece of crime fiction.

And the second stop is over at the Carina Press blog. The game there is simply name two romantic pairings from my stories EXCLUDING Jake and Adrien, Chris and JX, and Elliot and Tucker. (Well, and it can't include Matt and Nathan either, for obvious reasons!

And if you've already bought the book, thanks so much!


  1. Read it in "Josh Lanyon collected" One of my faves there! It has a deidedly Chandlerian athmosphere. Hard boiled authors treated us GLBT people horribly in their novels, and in this book you got even with them!
    My fave novella of Joskh lanyon collected was "I spy something bloody". Reminded me of Le Carrè.

  2. Thanks, so much, Rainbow. It's always nice to hear this kind of thing.

  3. Can't wait to read it. I still need to finish your Adrien-with-an-e English Mysteries. Haha!
    I've already read Fair Game and Somebody Killed His Editor... so yeah. I'm hooked.
    Thank you for writing such amazing work,

  4. Thank you, Ivan. I'm so glad to know you're enjoying the stories!