Sunday, December 16, 2018

Advent Calendar Day 16

Last year we did a little creative exercise while giving away two copies of the print coda collection All I Want for Christmas, and I'm thinking it would be fun to do that again.

Here's how it works. Write the first paragraph for a potential holiday coda with your favorite Josh Lanyon couple. That's it. It can be silly, sad, serious, sexy...whatever you choose! Just have fun with it. Even if you don't go on to write a whole coda, I think you'll be surprised at how entertaining it can be to lose yourself in that made up world for a little while.

And if you DO write a whole coda--and want to share it next year--well, I know just the place! ;-)

I'll randomly choose two authors from the coda beginnings to receive a copy of All I Want for Christmas. If you're new to the Advent Calendar and my holiday codas, it's actually a very cool collection of all my codas thru 2016--along with recipes for food and drink that tie-in with the codas. It's a nice little book!

And just to help get the creative juices flowing, here are a few festive photos to that you can use as prompts. Or not!

Happy writing!!!


  1. Max moved slowly, as he closed the door to his office and made his way to his service car. Being called to the office in Christmas Eve had been an unexpected nuisance, as he was looking forward to a nice and quiet evening at home, listening to some music and enjoying Swift's company… and his cooking, of course. In fact, he had left a happy looking Swift in the kitchen, busy and lost in thought, probably creating amazing poetry in his mind, while his hands weaved their way between pots and pans… Max snorted to himself… some poet he was, but one poet in the family was enough. His telephone vibrated in his pocket, and he smiled when he saw it was Swift, probably to find out when he was going to arrive home. He answered, but before he had time to greet his lover, Swift urgent voice interrupted him: "Max, we have a problem. My mother is coming for dinner"

  2. From Seance On a Summer's Night:

    Artemus lunged for the open cab door practically hurling himself in front of two twenty-somethings loaded down with bags, no doubt Christmas shopping as ultimate sport. Their outraged faces receded in the rear window of the taxi as it pulled from the curb, pedestrians scattering away like litter in a windstorm.

    He wasn’t going to miss Seamus if it killed him.

    The last time they’d seen each other, Artemus took the train to New Jersey. The quaint borough of Somerville had an expansive, new train station but the feel of an old-time small town. The wrought-iron fenced trees, interlocking paver sidewalks and retro streetlights made it seem charming. It also offered enough restaurant choices to rival 6th Avenue in the Theater District.

    They’d dined al fresco enjoying the last vestiges of summer. Seamus seemed just as smitten as he had the last days they’d had at Green Lanterns. Betty’s funeral has been a somber affair; Seamus stood with him lending his strong shoulders and quiet support. After, in between his working with Chief Kingsland and dismantling the remains of RCU, they’d managed a couple of quiet evenings but not much more.

  3. Tucker gave Elliott's hand a reassuring squeeze as he led him through the jumble of stalls and vendors. The reassurance was more for himself than for Elliott, but....
    "This is Definitely not a Dicken's Fair", muttered Elliott. "This place is bizarre."
    "Uh, yeah," Tucker agreed, casting a wary eye around him. He inadvertently caught the eye of a craggy vendor nearby. Male? Female? He couldn't tell.
    "Can I interest you gentlemen in some sweets?", the vendor asked in a rough scratchy voice.
    As Tucker tried to figure out how best to answer, he notice a man had moved up right next to him. The man leaned in close to whisper.
    "Never trust a goblin."


  4. To calm his nerves, Lukas began counting the tiles on the floor of the office where he waited. His right foot moved up and down in time with the jaunty tunes which floated along the corridor from the reception area. He desperately wanted the part. He loved - no, he adored - the books; he kept the fifth in the series by his bed, its last chapter read and re-read countless times. He knew the detective turned PI inside and out and loved every aspect of him (even the less savoury activities in clubs which the script had left out - it wasn’t an HBO production, after all). The part, however, depended upon the on-screen chemistry with the unknown man who was to play opposite him. Lukas understood the importance of getting this absolutely right, but the part absolutely had to be his. Footsteps. A glimpse through the half-open door of a slight, dark-haired figure, his head down. Lukas’ heart began to beat a faster rhythm... it couldn’t be, could it? The door swung wide. There, right there before him, stood Ezra Clark. Lukas’ first thought was that there was no one more perfect to play Adrien. His second was to remember the red-hot off-screen chemistry (or was it biology?) they’d once shared...

  5. „In the bleak midwinter...“

  6. I have been snowed under in obligations but still would love to contribute soon - what's the deadline I wonder?

    1. The calendar is only officially running to December 25th this year, but I'll make an effort to get everything I receive posted.

      Or we can start next year off with them! :-)