Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Advent Calendar Day 27

Today's gorgeous offerings come from me dear friend Johanna Ollila. In addition to being a fabulously talented artist (and cover designer), Johanna is one of the wonderful mods on my FaceBook Page AND my Goodreads group. Yes, she an overachiever. But the very best kind.

Johanna came up with these gorgeous teasers which offer some of her favorite quotes from my stories.

Share your own favorite quote from any one of my books, and I'll pick three winners who will receive a magnet made from your choice of one of these teasers.

Teaser #1

Teaser #2

Teaser #3

Teaser #4

Teaser #5


I had to keep this of the close-your-eyes-and-point variety because inevitably you all picked lines that I'm kinda sorta proud of  myself. :-D

Our winners are:
Judy Stone

And we had one extra gift -- an Adrien English ornament. That goes to Sue.

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  1. I love quotes! (Johanna, those are especially nice) Mine is from Sean, to Dan, in The White Knight. “When I couldn’t remember anything else, I remembered you.” <3

  2. Swift stared at his hands loosely clasped around his ankles. "I wouldn't. Deliberately hurt anyone."

    "And my impulse is to hurt anyone who hurts you." When Swift's gaze lifted to his, Max said, "See how that works."

    1. This is one of my very favorites! Along with Max’s comment about where Swift’s wings used to be.

  3. Time and tide. Love had its own circadian rhythms, and it was beginning to look like he and Max had missed their chance, that they'd slipped into a comfortable somnolence. Perhaps they would continue on indefinitely, but it was all too likely one of these days they were simply going to drift gently, quietly apart
    from CUTYS

    1. That's a great choice. It actually makes my heart hurt. :-)

  4. “I’ve never been that afraid. Not even close. I worked over you, and I called you every name in the book.” His face twisted. “I cried. And then I begged. You’re damn right I begged. I promised — not that I had anything worth promising — but I was willing to give anything for you to be able to walk away from that.” His smile was the rare one, the wide and unguarded one. “And you did.”
    The Dark Tide

  5. "Well, maybe we should think about spinning Mr. Pinkerton off," Rachel said, trying to be helpful.


    I haven't had my morning catnip, so am slightly incapable of coming up with anything more meaningful and profound....though I could probably post every single word of The Dark Tide, while bawling my eyes out....

  6. Choosing a single teaser is very difficult, because I love all your stories madly, but this is very dear to me:

    Sam hesitated. Said quietly, “I figured if I hung onto it, I’d always have an excuse to see

    THE MONET MURDERS - Josh Lanyon

  7. I knew. I knew from the second I laid eyes on you, everything was going to change.

    Jake The Dark Tide

    1. Awww. Oh yes. A thousand times ”Yes!”. :-)

  8. I'll go with Johanna's first teaser there. Beautiful!


  9. There was another of those disconcerting pauses before Rob said with almost touching uncertainty, "Are you sure, Adam?"
    "The only thing I'm sure of is wherever you are is where I belong."

    Winter Kill

  10. The badges were coming. He could hear the thunder of their boots down below.

    He had to go. Anything else was stupidity. Madness.

    He couldn't go. Not while there was any doubt to Rake's fate.

    Archer Green Glass Beads

  11. So many to choose from! Here are a couple of my favorites:

    And Nick suddenly recognized what that unfamiliar emotion was rushing through him — the warmth and excitement and anticipation. Happiness. -The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks

    "I've always been grateful - even when I was married, even when I thought it was over between us - that it was you I fell in live with."
    His cold face rested against mine as I listened to the echo of his words. Maybe it was true. Maybe one person could make a difference. Maybe love could make a difference. It had made a difference to me.
    -The Dark Tide

    And for a great laugh:
    "," I breathed as Jack finally rolled over onto his back. He turned his head and grinned at me.
    "On a scale of one to ten?"
    "Is that Richter scale? Cities toppled."
    -Cards on the Table

  12. Me, an overachiever? LOL, probably. An overthinker? Yes, definitely. Unfortunately, it all runs in the family... :-)

    Wonderful quotes, everyone! There are literaly hundreds of JL quotes I love and that I go back to guite regularly. They soothe my soul and give me bright joy. And sometimes they squeeze my heart. They are a lot like dear friends, right? :-D

  13. “Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty. Come on. Open those baby blues. Wake up.”
    I fluttered my eyelashes. Unglued my mouth. “I’m awake.”
    Riordan quit patting my cheek. Stared down at me.
    “Jesus,” I mumbled as the full picture sank in.
    “Wrong again.”

    Fatal Shadows

  14. This makes me smile every time.
    ""What the hell just happened?" I asked the universe.
    "You're talking to yourself again," the universe replied, pushing open my office door.
    Okay, it was Jake, but he was kind of my universe."
    - So This is Christmas