Friday, September 6, 2019

AUDIO RELEASE - The Monuments Men Murders

The Monuments Men Murders is now available in audio!

(Which means--oops! just remembered--I need to update my website!)

Once again, Kale Williams is narrating the latest installment of Sam and Jason's adventures. And once again, Kale does a terrific job.

Four books in it's reached the point where, when I sit down to write Sam and Jason, I hear Kale's voice. ;-D

You can purchase through Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Speaking of Kale, I just finished listening to Mainly by Moonlight (what can I say? I LOVE his narration). It's fun but also fascinating to see how he changes things up to capture Cosmo and John. Anyway, I can't wait for that one to go live.

And any day now I'll have the files for Slay Ride narrated by Alexander Masters (who I also adore--and my gosh what a feel for historical he has) and then in October comes Haunted Heart: Spring likely narrated by Graham Halstead (I sold audio rights to Tantor on this one, so I can't completely control things but they've been terrific to work with so far) OH. And Tantor is also putting out Footsteps in the Dark (Joel Leslie is doing Stranger in the House). 

So there is quite a bit more coming in audio this year than last--and I'll try to keep you posted.


  1. Happy happy happy! When I can, I love having the audible version after I've done my first couple of reads.Thank you!

  2. Dear Josh... I don't suppose you would consider more of J. F. Harding or Chris Patton. IMHO they are the best