Friday, September 30, 2016

Cover Contest Winner: SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS


Now right off the bat, the covers are ALL adorable. We had a sexy Santa and Catherine Dair's wonderful illustration and all of Karan's efforts which would be absolutely perfect for any cozy mystery holiday entry. Probably my personal favorite was Dovie's cover -- love, love, love that photo and the red border!

But here is where I turn into the Grinch at the party because I actually think the cover that most fulfilled my criteria -- the challenge of matching an already existing five-book series while making it look festive and Christmassy was #4 by Johanna Ollila.  She even used the cover model we've used throughout the series (yes, I know we're all sick of him, but still!). :-D  It's got CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ON THE BORDER!!!

The reader choice here was Karan K. with #2 -- and it is such a cute cover and it does basically everything I asked -- but but but...I'm going with my gut instinct and (as warned ahead of time) overruling the electoral college and choosing #4.


  1. I love this cover. It so fits the mood and style of the others while feeling Christmasy. Congratulations, Johanna

    1. Thank you, Carli. I wanted us to see happy Adrien. And I'd like to think it's Jake on the other end of that phone conversation... :-)

    2. It is! ;-) Congratulations, Johanna! :-)

  2. You are just so talented...and yes, Adrien is beautiful, too! :D Congratulations, Johanna!

  3. Johanna, I love the way you capture the essence of Josh's characters.

    Kora J