Friday, September 30, 2016

Cover Contest Winner: THE MONET MURDERS

This was a tougher one because I wasn't quite sure what I wanted -- so there was the challenge of trying to match the existing cover of The Mermaid Murders OR take on the challenge of trying to redesign both books in the series.

So Dovie Cross and Mabel Chiltern both get extra credit for tackling the redesign of the series -- and I think they both did a really great job.

What ended up happening though -- and this is possibly on me for not figuring out ahead of time what I was asking for -- is the two-unit covers were competing against the single unit covers -- so I don't know if that was quite fair or not?

I do know that the single covers were all very clever and very well done. I love how the art elements were used in each entry.

This one was really close between the pairing of #2 and #4, with #4's Johanna Ollila edging to that win (and no argument here -- the combo of chiseled abs and a Monet T-shirt is going to sell books IMHO).


  1. That cover is simply beautiful, in every way. Nice work, Johanna.

  2. Congratulations, Johanna! :-)

  3. The water lilies t-shirt is so cool! Congratulations, Johanna.

  4. First, congrats Johanna!

    Second, if you want to redesign the first book...maybe use this cover too, but choose a different design to be in the shirt?