Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Finalists are....

Thank you very much to everyone who voted in the first round of choosing the narrator for Armed and Dangerous.

The three winners were...

Bachelor #3

Bachelor #5

Bachelor #6

Congratulations to our three finalists. But congratulations also to all the very talented guys who took part in the first round. The votes were very close and many, many nice compliments were thrown your way.

And on that score, thank you also to all the readers who took the time to vote. Not just vote, but in many cases explain your votes -- or just talk about your love for the stories and the characters. It was very much appreciated.

Now of course we're going to ask you to listen again and vote a final time on who will be invited to narrate Armed and Dangerous.  The numbers have been changed to protect the innocent. Well, to make sure you really give a good listen to each narrator.

The page is here. Voting runs from noon today through Friday, March 15th.

Thank you listeners and Round 1 narrators for participating!

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