Friday, June 7, 2019

Winter is Coming (Again)

Whoah. Halfway through the year! Which means, yikes, Christmas and the winter holidays are right around the corner.

Time to start thinking of Ye Olde Advent Calendar.

Once upon a time I ran the calendar through the entire month of December, but now I only run it up until Christmas Day, so there are less available slots for contributors--but your contributions are still VERY welcome! So I want to extend an early invitation to those of you who would like to join in  with your creative efforts. Pretty much everything is welcome: stories, art, games, contests (giveaways), essays... Basically anything that relates to my characters and worlds and/or the winter holidays are always enormously enjoyed by our readers.

Once again, I'm aiming to do six codas this year. I haven't settled on the character pairings yet, but that's the goal.

Which leaves a LOT of room for reader/fan contributions as well as giveaways and all the usual holly-jolliness.

If you're interested in participating, drop me a line through my website OR through Facebook or Goodreads or Twitter or any of the usual places. 

The more the merrier! 


  1. Of course I will participate....except...what am I going to do? idea, I need an idea.
    GIVE ME AN IDEA! Who needs a coda?

    1. <3 <3 <3

      They ALL need codas. Because even after the codas there could be...codas. ;-D

  2. I am DYING for a Cowboy and Bat coda. I need to know they survived the war and lived happily ever after!

    1. kIDDING!!!

      Of course I'm kidding. :-D

      I really do have to come up with something sweet for those two. If ever a pair of lads deserved a happy ending...

  3. I have my idea all ready to go!!

  4. I’d love to jump in, what to do....? :)

  5. I am happy with whatever and whoever you write about. That being said, it would be awesome to read more about Jake and Adrien. Just sayin!