Saturday, August 15, 2015

And the Winners Are...

We've got our winners for the "Cherries Worth Getting" audio giveaway!

Will Jacquie Sawyer, Haldis and Lestweship please report to the Principal's office?

No, no, just kidding! You're not in trouble THIS TIME. Could you either contact me or Nicole through Facebook so we can get your audio download codes to you ASAP?

Thank you to everyone who commented and  congratulations to our winners!


  1. Dang Principal Lanyon! It weren't me that put the goblins in Jimmy's locker! I swear!
    Woo hoo! Thanks Nicole! I had my fingers crossed and rubbed the belly of a dragon! It worked!

  2. Ooh I feel so blessed! But i feel like perhaps someone else might be more deserving as I got impatient and have already bought the audible copy...cos...reasons... I never win anything so i was like Eh i'll just buy it...and i did and it was good...i really need to leave a review...